Saturday, January 19, 2013

Review: Fall from Grace (Mad World #1) by Christine Zolendz

4.5 Hearts

To be lost for 2000 years, searching for the one you love is a punishment no one should have to endure.  Unfortunately, this is Grace's fate.  never going to heaven--just stuck wondering through earth through many different bodies, but number giving herself to anyone in hopes of finding the love of her life.  Miserable...lonely. 

When her only 'family' dies.  Grace moves back to NY to live with her BFF Lea--the only human on earth that knows exactly who and what she actually is.

Being gone from NY for 6 months has brought on changes. Lea now has a hunky boyfriend that she believes is 'the one.'  Along with Conner, a slough of hot hunky men come along with him.  All his friends.  Some of these hunky friends are in a rock band and lead singer Shane is the hottest of them all.

Shane's silky voice, ho ass and tattooed body to die for attracts all the ladies....literally.  he has a revolving door to 'The Bone Room' with hundreds of girls just dying for their turn with him. 

Unfortunately, we don't learn why he is this way until the cliffhanger ending.

From Shane's first introduction to Grace in her wet T-shirt, he is total smitten with her. 

With Grace, her true love is always in the back of her head, she's unable to let herself go with Shane.  She is being held back.

The sexual tension between thee two was awesomely written.  The push and pull--the yes/no.  LOVED IT!

I also adored all of the characters main and secondary. 

My only gripe with the book is the freaking cliffhanger!! UGHH!!!!

Overall fantastic book--highly recommended!  I'm off to get the second "Saving Grace" NOW!!

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