Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Review - Hard To Love by Kendall Ryan

4 STARS out of 5
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Taking Risks
Taking care of a younger sibling at 22yrs old can be a handful especially if said child has special needs like Lily does. This is the dilemma Cade faces... He is doing everything from cage fighting to construction work in order to make ends meet. However its his latest earn quick cash idea that has him at the ER sporting an erection that has no plans of going down. After taking the pill the director gave him he never imagined his night ending like this...

'Dammit. I knew a four-hour erection wasn’t normal. I shifted uncomfortably in the cab of my truck and debated what to do. The emergency clinic was open twenty-four hours so that wasn’t the problem. It was embarrassment over my condition that had me stalling in the parking lot. But damn, this thing was fucking painful.' 

The ER is where he meets nursing student Alexa. Everything remains professional between them and he gets his...Situation taken care of much to his great pleasure. Alexa has never been attracted to a patient. Then Cade enters the ER..

'He was undeniably attractive, and that was even before I saw the python he was packing in his pants. 

Yeah, you heard her Python!

After learning his profession Alexa couldn't resist she looks him up online then gets busted by her friend MacKenzie. Close friends MacKenzie and Tyson come over to celebrate Alexa's 21st birthday. Kenzie gets a nice surprise when she opens Alexa's laptop and spots porn. More in particular Cade. Alexa tells them about Cade and his long lasting boner.

Virgin? Really?
Later that night when the trio head out for dancing and drinks. Mind you Alexa is already tipsy from the jello shots she did with Tyson at her apartment. She accidentally lets the fact that she has yet to cash in her V card slip. Much to Tyson's pleasure and Kenzie's dismay. When Kenzie spots Cade across the room she tells Alexa.

“Oh my God! Alexa, look.” MacKenzie pointed across the bar. “It’s the guy from the website.” ~MacKenzie

Once her and his eyes lock decision made Cade approaches their table.

Liquor can make people talk to DAMN much...
MacKenzie basically pimps out her friend in hopes of getting Cade to take Alexa's virginity. Alluding to Cade and his profession.
Stating that who better then someone who is skilled in sex to do it.
Cade is a little disbelieving by the whole thing but he plays along. Before leaving he scribbles his address down for her. His REAL home address.

Pissed by his candor Alexa makes plans to not only pay Cade a visit but to curse his ass out as well. Right after lunch with her mother. Who by the way is a high society snob. Alexa's family has money her mother has been pushing eligible male suitors her way for a while now. None have been to Alexa's liking.

And so it begins..
When Alexa arrives at Cade's house what she sees has her second guessing her decision of even coming to tell him off. A little girl exits a bus of rowdy school kids. She gets excited at spotting Cade and drops her walker to hug him. The little girl then makes her way to the door to enter the house and that's when Alexa speaks up.

It does not take long for her to fall for both Cade and his little sister Lily. This pleases Cade that Alexa cares for his sister. Most chicks get pissed when he can't go out because he needs to take care of Lily.
Cade develops feelings for Alexa but then makes the ULTIMATE MISTAKE.

My Thoughts
Thoughts? My thoughts are I would like to have Cade for me myself and I!
I am a huge Kendall Ryan with that said I will admit to being slightly biased. But hey at least I can admit it right? Right.
Cade and Alexa had BLAZIN HOT chemistry. I loved when these two where alone together sexy times was had over and over again. I liked the fact that Cade refused to take a handout from ANYONE, I love the fact he stood up to Alexa's mother. My only major problem was his stubbornness. It took away from the time he and Alexa could have shared together and it caused him to make stupid choices. With that said he did get his act together so I forgave him. Oops sorry, I mean Alexa forgave him. *grins sheepishly*

Dear readers
This is a good sexy quick read! I totally recommend it!

My Ratings
Characters- Fun, witty, lovable
Writing Style- Savory
Plot/Storyline- Sexy tinged with some heartbreak
Steam Factor- High/Very Steamy
Overall- I enjoyed it!! Check it out!

Now go forth and read. Then come tell us about it on Goodreads!

*ARC provided by author for an honest review*

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