Saturday, January 19, 2013

Review of Red Flags by C.C. Brown

Goodreads Summary
Cara Pinkston, a 21 year old San Diego native, wants nothing more than to complete her final semester of college quietly and peacefully. A normally focused and reserved student, she becomes flustered after meeting her incredibly good-looking and wealthy classmate, Jason Bradley.
Jason wants Cara, and pursues her aggressively. A reluctant Cara gives in to him and is thrust into a fast paced, emotionally charged, roller coaster relationship. She has to decide if the flutters she feels are blissful butterflies or warning signs. Will Cara follow her lustful heart, or will she pay attention to the Red Flags?

**Copy given by author for honest review**
My Thoughts on the Book
I am not sure how to rate this book. I want to give it 1 heart just for how badly it pissed me off. But that doesn't seem fair because regardless of how angry I got while reading this, I did keep reading until the end. So I think I will go with a nice safe number like 3. It wasn't bad but it wasn't great either. 

Have I mentioned how much this book pissed me off? Cara is a complete idiot! Who in there right mind lets a man treat them that way?!? I know they say love is blind, but honey it is not love 1 day in! There is NO excuse for a man you just met to tell you who you can and can't talk to. Nor does he have the right to invade your privacy. And he sure as heck as no right to act like your daddy! Cara is the type of girl that gives the rest of us a bad name. I kept yelling (much to the dismay of my family members..oops!) at this chick to grow a freakin' backbone! 

And do not even get me started on Jason. Who the hell do you think you are buddy?! I found myself asking him this numerous times!!   He seriously needed to attend How toTreat a Woman 101! I kept waiting to read about when this would become a book about domestic violence, he was THAT bad! Luckily, it never went that far. But I cannot help feeling that what Cara did put up with was nearly as bad. And then towards the end of the book you get a glimpse of Jason's family. And boy oh boy does that explain alot! 

At times I questioned my sanity for continuing with this book. Please do not get me wrong. The writing was good and there are few errors when it comes to grammar. It is the storyline that just leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth. And maybe that is exactly what the author was going for. Like I said, I did read the whole book. I just could not look away from the train wreck that was Cara and Jason's relationship. 

There is a second book coming...and yes I will read it. I really have no choice now because I have to find out just how stupid Cara truly is. 

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