Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Review: Feral Sins by Suzanne Wright

5 Heart Review!!!!!!
Ever since Taryn Warner’s dad (leader of their pack) found out she was latent (meaning unable to shift from human to wolf), he’s treated her horribly.  Now an adult, he is forcing her to mate with a very evil man who only wants to break her feisty spirit and make her a submissive slave.

Trey, alpha leader of The Phoenix Pack, is the ultimate alpha male/wolf.  He’s been the alpha since he was fourteen years old, when banished from his pack.  Like Taryn, Trey’s father was a vicious man who left serious scars on Trey.  Now that his father is dead, The Bjorn Pack is threatening Tray to reunite; with Trey’s uncle Darryl as the Alpha.  There is absolutely no way Taryn is willing to go back there and no way will he give up being alpha.

So, what’s a strong, sexy alpha to do?  Find a made of course.  What better way to do that than find a female in need of an out. 

My Thoughts: 

This was my official first paranormal romance book and I was knocked off my a**!

I freaking LOVED this book!  Not only are the characters amazing and strong—there is one hell of an awesome story being told! 

I was totally hooked from the first few pages and yes I ended up reading it twice.

Storyline:  Awesome and fast paced.  I loved the action, lust, bad boys, good boys—everything.  I loved that there were several different stories going on, but they kept intertwining and finding resolutions.  I loved the references of Flintstone, Bedrock and Dumb and Dumber.  Had me cracking up!

Characters:  Unbelievable!!!! Both hero and heroine were unbelievably strong and despite their flaws—totally likeable/loveable.

I loved Taryn.  Even though others tried to break her over the years, they never did.  I loved her smart ass mouth and her strength!  She’s amazing!

“Just give me a second.  Attempting to give a f**k…..Attempting harder to give a f**k….Sorry, there was an error.  F**k not given.”

Trey is sexy as hell!  So strong and superior, confident and totally yummy!  I loved his possiveness and making her his.  He’s totally mouthwatering.  Even though totally fierce and feral….he is so loving and caring of Taryn (when he gets the stick out of his a**).  I loved him!

The chemistry between these two was smoking hot!  Unbelievably well written and had me sweating!  It was explosive when these to alphas went at it!

My favorite line:  “Love is giving someone the power to completely destroy you and hoping that they wont.”


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