Thursday, January 24, 2013

Review of - The Devil's Pawn by Elizabeth Finn

Minor SPOILERS -none will hinder your reading experience
4 STARS out of 5
Genre: Adult Romance -Erotica


This book had me high strung you hear me. HIGH STRUNG.
I could not put it down... My heart was shattered and I cried for the characters hoping they could find a way OUT.

'I’ve been left with an exorbitant debt, not my own, payable to ruthless animals who would see me dead before they see me fail them. But it is these very thugs who have recommended Trimbles as a way out for me. They see money, but I see security, safety, a warm, dry bed, and, perhaps at long last, freedom.' ~Ashton

Freedom of the debt comes with a price Ashton must pay with her body as a high priced escort.

“You’ll have six weeks to get her ready for the floor, and I expect you to do just that. Fuck her, train her, break her in. I expect her working and making money in a month and a half.” -Mr. Grayson

Mr. Pennington
This book crushed me, absolutely crushed me... Ashton is working as an escort to pay off her dead fathers debt. When she arrives at Trimbles she is a virgin and she cashes in her V card with her floor manager Mr. Pennington. He takes her rough, from behind bent over the dining room table, then kicks her out. 
I cried with her.

'This man is an enigma, and I want to know more. I chastise myself in my head, loudly admonishing myself for my stupidity. This can only bring me pain and disappointment, but I know that I’ll walk through the pits of hell to solve this mystery. Besides, what’s a little more disappointment and pain?

Mr. Pennington gives cruel a new name. He is cold, harsh and down right mean to Ashton. On her first day she meets Liz the floor senior escort. Liz takes her under her wing and explains the ins and outs of Trimbles, living with the other girls and Mr. Pennington.

The next day after losing her virginity Ashton gets a call and is told she has to appointments. One to get her clothes and a second one to see a gynecologist. Ashton slowly adjust to her new life; she is not on rotation on the floor so her days are less eventful and her nights are spent with Mr. Pennington. He continues his cold demeanor but breaks one of his rules while with Ashton. And I do not want to say what it is he does. But I will say this..His breaking of the rules becomes a recurrence. The girls start to talk and they all come to the same conclusion.. Mr. Pennington has not had sex with any of them since Ashton has arrived. Needless to say things get interesting.

'The man who doesn’t do intimacy is using his mouth to pleasure me. Me! And God what pleasure.' ~Ashton

Yup that's him breaking one of his rules...

Mass confusion
Because we only get Ashton's POV it is hard to figure out what Derrick aka Mr. Pennington is thinking. And actions speak louder than words so we get the impression that he is falling for Ashton yet he continues to be cold towards her.

'He refuses to lower his guard with me, but in the dark depths of his eyes, I can see an agonized man, not without feeling and emotion, desperate to get out … but he is unreachable. So, I revel in his touch instead, knowing that to whatever degree, it pleases him.' ~Ashton

Derrick and Ashton both have something to loose and that is why they are both trapped working at Trimbles. Both have secrets and carry those secrets around as if they are an extra weight laying on their shoulders. As feelings grow between the two Derricks cold exterior melts very very slowly.

'He continues to watch me with a look that borders on confusion. I know, though he holds so much back, that his confusion is at his response to me. Whatever little glimmer of humanity this might symbolize, I’ll take it. It’s enough. He feels. It doesn’t mean he’ll compromise; hell, it doesn’t mean he’s capable of ever fighting past his over-restrained soul tucked away and hidden from the world.' ~Ashton

I LOVED THIS BOOK! I don't know what it is but I love the ASSHOLES. 
-Oh wait, does he treat her like shit? Yes. ME:Good god I LOVE HIM!
-Is he cruel daily with a dose of menace? Yes. ME:Good god I LOVE HIM!
-Does he put her down every chance he gets? Yes. ME:Good god I LOVE HIM! 
As you can see this is a pattern with me and my books. But whatever I'm not alone.
These characters tortured my soul I just wanted to scream until my voice was raw. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoyed The Dark Duet series by C.J. Roberts.

Dear readers
I was unsure how to rate this I wanted to do 5 stars but as of lately I have been so darn stingy with the 5th star. In all honesty this was a damn good book that I highly recommend. And I know it is not for everyone so readers beware. Oh, and Ms. Elizabeth Finn I WANT MORE!!!

My Ratings
Characters- Lovable and maddening at times
Writing Style- Sexy, Raw, and Intense
Plot/Storyline- Attention grabbing it is utterly Unputdownable
Steam Factor- High/Very Steamy
Overall- I freaking LOVED IT!!!!

Now go forth and read. Then come tell us about it! 

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