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Review: The Boots My Mother Gave Me by Brooklyn James

Spoiler Free Review
5 STARS out of 5
Genre: Contemporary Romance
'Within each of us, there lies the innate ability to survive, triumph and overcome, rewriting the scripts of our own lives, having some power over our fate of generations to come.' -Harley's inner monologue

This book really dealt with a lot of topics from Domestic abuse/violence, alcohol abuse, teen pregnancy, drug /substance abuse, suicide, forgiveness and of course love. I don't even know where to begin... The main character Harley was so diverse. I often found she was strong yet weak a total contradiction I know. But hey we all have our moments right? She spent most of her early adulthood proving herself so much so she lost what was important in life. Love, family, friendship and happiness. Nope. She ran from family, friendship, happiness and most importantly Love.

The Boots My Mother Gave Me is told from Harley's pov and it shows her journey from youth to adulthood. It was not always pretty in fact it got down right ugly at times. But with all the ups and downs I did get my HEA. Though I did not think it would happen because my girl Harley was a runner and at one point she even compared herself to Forrest Gump.

Harley was raised in a two parent home on a farm in Georgia, Pennsylvania with her younger sister Kat. The farm was the family's main source of income however it was not always enough so her mother Marilyn worked at a local diner for extra cash. John, Harley's father had her Kat and their mother working the farm. While he mostly remained in and out of a drunken stupor. Which left him violent towards his wife and kids often. His violence and hatred knew no bounds at one time he even killed a family pet. Talk about cruelty. The guy was EVIL.

Harley was a tomboy personified. With nothing but boys in her neighborhood and with a boy as her best friend(Jeremiah) she really didn't have a choice. Whatever the boy's did so did Harley. For years she was able to keep the issues at home on the farm hidden. And then one night after her basketball game everything changes. Jeremiah becomes a witness to her fathers verbal assault. When the drama escalates between John, Harley and Jeremiah she finds herself homeless. At seventeen. The thing about Harley is... she is resilient she manages to stay focused. Harley gets her own place thanks to her boss and she moves forward.

Harley has big plans and moving out of Georgia, Pennsylvania is numero uno. And that is exactly what she does the day after graduation. While wearing the boots her mother gave her.

First and foremost I think this book was well written I was so in tuned to Harley it was like reading her biography. The boots played an important role in her life almost like a lifeline. I really loved that. I shouted victory when she faced off with her dad. I whooped and hollered when she went and got Kat from that ASSHOLE Joey. Oh and I doubled over in laughter when Joey was found cuffed to the flag pole outside of city hall. Priceless. Hell yeah I loved this book! I totally recommend it!!

Harley-loved to think of grams as the backbone of the family but I beg to differ. It was her hands down. Harley showed strength and loyalty. Proving herself to be a true matriarch. She made decisions her own mother could not. And YES, sometimes her choice was to run. But she always came back when her family's needs exceeded hers. She was called upon time and time again and would drop everything to lend a hand. Her heart was big with her family yet guarded when it came to lovers.
Jeremiah- was Harley's best friend. The taker of her virginity and the keeper of her heart. Miah was sweet, loving and not to mention heroic. He suffered a whole lot of loss and Harley didn't help much with her constant here one day gone the next. But he took it in stride and continued to put it on her *Wink,Wink* if you know what I mean.
John- was a coward. As far as I am concerned his soul was lost and bitterness ate away at him until nothing was left.
Kat- fought her own demons but managed to pull through. Thank goodness!
Marilyn- I honestly found her weak. But I guess that can happen after years of being told you are a worthless piece of shit. However in the end she made out good.

My Ratings
Characters- Lovable
Writing Style- Good
Plot/Storyline- Raw, honest and at times profound
Steam Factor- Medium/Moderately Steamy
Overall- I loved it!

Now go forth and read. Then tell us about it!

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