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Cursive by Phoebe Lane Blog Tour & Giveaway

By: Phoebe Lane
The past pulls. The future shoves. The present just begs for a time-out.
Aislynn Currington is searching for an escape from her tumultuous past, one that includes a severely broken heart and a very complicated relationship with a mother who uses criticism as her preferred mode of expressing love.
Jace Quinn is a driven businessman who, even after surviving a serious life-changing event, remains hell bent on avoiding any form of serious attachment.
Some define insanity as doing things repeatedly while expecting a different outcome. What will Aislynn and Jace need to do to break this endless loop?
With the help of their undeniably intense sexual attraction, witty banter, and love for high-end coffee machines, Aislynn and Jace learn to bravely battle through the challenges of falling in love at the most inconvenient time, in a place they did not plan to be, and with the person they can’t seem to stop running into.
Cursive's multiple layers of drama, romance, passion, and humor are tightly bound together by an unforeseeable major twist that will keep the reader engaged and connected until the very end.

*Copy of book provided by author for an honest review*

Aislynn and Jace have both been burned from past relationships. The scars left from them run much deeper than either are willing to admit out loud. So, when they meet and eventually begin dating they are both naturally closed off from sharing too much of themselves too soon. But they have an undeniable connection that pushes them both out of their comfort zones and into what may be the beginning of something positive.

I really liked this book. The pace of it was just right. I didn't feel like things between the characters were too rushed. They had been down that road of heartbreak and decided to take things slowly. I thought that was perfect because it showed gave them time to grow as a couple. They knew from the beginning that they wanted this relationship to have a true fighting chance. Is that possible though when they both have secrets?

They are both hiding things about themselves. Things that have been huge factors in their lives. I really liked how the author gives you hints through out. not enough to reveal anything, but just enough to keep you guessing. I also liked how we didn't get them all at once. She revealed things slowly which added to the suspense factor for me. And as the secrets are revealed, you question can Jace and Aislynn survive them? 

If you are looking for a book with a bit of everything from humor to angst, then Cursive is just the book for you. Not only will you love Aislynn and Jace, but also the supporting characters as well. Ellie and Evan added that something extra to the book. And best of all? There is NO CLIFFHANGER!!
"Do you still love her?" she asked, holding his face in her hands and staring deep into his eyes.
"No," he said with sincerity. "But she abandoned me, and I hate her for it. I hate the fact that, because of her, I freaked out about us. I…Aislynn, I…" He was obviously having a hard time saying what he needed to say.

"It's okay," she whispered and tried to soothe him by running her fingers through his hair again. "Just tell me."

"I want you with me," he said, his eyes closed. "But I don't want to watch you leave if things get difficult. I can't go through that twice. I care about you, Aislynn. I care enough that I know it will fucking hurt if I see you walk away from me."

Her eyes stung, but she somehow managed to will the tears away. He needed her to be strong and capable of containing this for him. She lowered her face to his, their foreheads coming together.
"I won't leave," she said with confidence.

"How do you know that?"

It was the one question Aislynn should've been able to answer openly, but it would've meant telling him her story…her whole story. Jace had taken the first step toward setting his baggage down, but Aislynn wasn't ready to let go of hers yet.

"You're just gonna have to trust that I won't. You ended up fulfilling your own prophecy about me, Nostradamus. You were so afraid I was going to push you away that you ended up doing it yourself instead. You didn't need any help from me."

"I know. I screwed up. It's not easy for me to ask for help. It's not easy for me to admit that I…I need you. I want you with me."
Phoebe Lane

I have a pretty average life. I wear the mom hat, the wife shirt, the daughter pants, and the working woman peep-toe heels. But when I strip all of that down, I am an author.
I'm still amazed I get to say that.
I live in the US with a wonderful husband, two kids, and a dog. My husband entertains me with his hilarious form of ADD, and the kids are hell bent on proving I can live with only a few hours of sleep per day. I wake up every day just so I can experience that first sip of coffee in the morning. I swore off Disney movies the moment I watched Mufasa die, which scarred me for life. No pun intended. I pick out all the orange flavored pieces from my candy and feed them to my hubby.
I'm emotionally dynamic and of peculiar mind which is code for "hormonal and crazy." Reading contemporary romance novels is my vice, and writing them is my most valued privilege.
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Phoebe Lane's debut novel, Cursive, is currently available as an eBook on Amazon/B&N/Kobo/iBooks. The price of Cursive during the tour (08/14-08/24) from $2.99 to $1.99.
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