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Giveaway, Review & Tour: A Life More Complete by Nikki Young

3.5 Hearts

Krissy is a very driven woman. She came from a home where she didn’t have any love, affection, or attention. Early on she learned that she needed to be independent, self-sufficient and rely on herself for anything she needed. As soon as she turned eighteen she moved from Chicago to California to get as far away from her cold awful mother as she could. 

“I left potholes for sinkholes, construction for gridlock, tornadoes for earthquakes; most would think it a lateral move. I walked away from a lake for an ocean, snow for sunshine, quietly explosive dysfunction for comfortably unfamiliar calm.

After being in California for a while, completely comfortable in her routine, Krissy meets Ben while running on the beach. The two of them strike up a friendship, something easy and low stress that they carry on for years. Eventually, Krissy decides she is going to give things a real shot with Ben. Unfortunately her job, crazy hours, and commitment issues get in the way. 

“It wasn’t supposed to be this way. I wanted to have you forever. I wanted you to quit your job, move in with me, have babies, and take vacations to Disney World. I wanted you to want that life. And it’s okay that you don’t, I won’t lie, it hurts, and I swill want all those things and I hope someday you will too.”

I was really hard for me to see Ben and Krissy fall apart because I was really drawn to Ben from the very beginning. After reading the first few pages and their initial meeting, I was hooked. I really wanted more of them, so it was tough when soon an ex from Krissy’s past comes into the picture.

“I know from this moment on I will never be able to live without him. I need him in a way that is obsessive and needy.”

Tyler and Krissy always had an intense bond, they loved hard and they fought hard. Their relationship is very strange and I think it was one of the most well written parts of the book. There is this possessive, unhealthy, manic type of connection. Tyler could get under my skin like no other and I definitely give props to the author for that! It was really interesting to see Krissy’s relationship with both men at different points in her life and how it changed her actions and reactions. There were some surprises and some not so surprises, but there is so much that happens throughout the story that I didn’t expect when I began.

Overall, I liked A Life More Complete. There were certain scenes and actions I felt could have been taken out or shortened to help the overall flow and further narrow the focus. At times I couldn’t see where the story was going and wondered why a particular part was important and was left unable to answer that question a couple times. I do think everyone can relate to at least something in this book whether it be family issues, living with your decisions, first love, commitment or a wholes slew of other topics. Even though I didn’t like many of the decisions made by different characters, it still kept me reading and wanting to find out what was going to happen to them. There is plenty of drama and angst in this book and it completely kept my interest (while also driving me crazy at times)! :)

“It’s funny how your heart can deceive you. Follow your heart, people say, but they never tell you that sometimes it makes the wrong choice.”

“You need to go. There’s a reason we’ve spent the last seven years apart. My life is good and you’re not going to come in here and ruin it like you did all those other times. I won’t let you bring me down. I’m a different person and it’s obvious that you haven’t changed at all. It’s time for you to leave,” I say as I stand at the front door. Tyler stays firmly rooted where he stands. “Seriously Tyler, get out.”
“I’m not leaving. I didn’t come here to argue with you,” he says as I interrupt.
“What do you want?” I yell raising my eyebrows and throwing my hands up. I try to gain control of my wild emotions as I begin to chew on my lip. I place my hand on the doorknob and that exact moment Tyler stalks over, his hand clamping firmly around my wrist. My teeth bite down hard onto my bottom lip and my eyes close. His touch sends my mind into a tailspin. I stop breathing and all I can hear is the sound of my heartbeat pulsing through my ears.
In seconds my arms are above my head, my back forced up against the door. Tyler’s hand is locked tightly around my wrists as he pins me with the weight of his body. His lips claim mine and a deep thrust of air leaves my mouth. He uses this moment to run his tongue along the teeth marks on my lip making me lightheaded. His tongue slips into my mouth, taking over and I return the kiss. He pulls my body against his and I begin to relax. My body melts around him, as I press against his leg in a way that can only be described as desperate. He trails a series of soft kisses along my jaw and when he reaches my ear he whispers, “I want you.”
“I’m not yours anymore.” My voice is weak and I’m not surprised by the conflict I hear in it.
“But you want to be,” he replies smiling wickedly. I breathe in and out in rapid succession, three quick breaths. All control is gone. 

Nikki Young was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago where she still currently lives with her husband and two boys. She is a third grade teacher and spends her days forcing her love of reading and writing onto a group of poor unsuspecting eight year olds.

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