Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Review: A Beautiful Lie (Playing with Fire #1) by T.E. Sivec

4 Hearts

But if you were given the chance to go back, to tell the truth instead of lie to save someone’s life and their feelings... would you? 

It all started in a coffee shop. The day Milo and Garrett laid eyes on Annabelle Parker they both knew they wanted her. Milo makes the first move, claiming Parker as his, leaving Garrett to fill the role as best friend. After years together, Milo and Parker are planning their wedding, seemingly happy and carefree, until a tragic accident on a Navy mission ends Milo’s life. 

Parker built a life with Milo and agreed to marry him because, as far as her heart was concerned, he was harmless. She loved him, she cared for him, and she knew with every part of her that she'd be faithful to him for as long as he’d have her.

It’s been six months and there are still many questions surrounding the circumstances of Milo’s death. Garrett’s team of Navy SEALS is finally sent on a mission to uncover the truth. There are few surprises and Parker is suddenly put in the middle of their operation, making things very complicated for the two best friends who must act the part of husband and wife. 

Garrett and Parker have been battling their feelings and attraction toward each other from they second they met eight years ago. The sexual tension between the two is INSANE. It was literally seeping of the page and made me want to scream sometimes. The scenes where it all lets loose are so INTENSE, I loved every second of it. 

”YOU are what’s wrong with me, Parker. It’s always been you. Every time I’m around you I can’t think. You mess with my mind and you make me lose focus.”


“I don’t give a fuck who can hear us,” Garrett said angrily. “This one’s for me.”

I loved Garrett and Parker together, their banter was awesome, but I also really enjoyed the secondary characters in this book... Garretts friends, his team of SEALS, were awesome! Brady could see his connection to Parker clear as day and wasn’t afraid to knock some sense into Garrett when he needed to….

“You have got to be the dumbest fuck in the entire world…” “You honestly think Parker is going pretend like nothing happened? That she could even if she wanted to? How are you so intelligent when it comes to your job and a complete moron when it comes to that woman?”

There were times when I felt like certain parts could have been shortened or could have benefited from a bit more dialogue. The story is told in third person, which I’m not a huge fan of. In this, you get the perspective of almost everyone in just about every scene and it definitely took some time for me to get used to it. I do understand the reasoning behind it because there really is SO MUCH happening in the story and you almost need to see it from many different people to get the big picture.

The suspense and twists of this story were pretty crazy. There were so many times I thought to myself, I know exactly what’s going to happen and I’d be right. Then BAM another twist, thenWHACK something else would completely take me by surprise. What at times looked predictable ended up shocking me left and right. It was really fun just experiencing this book and slowing finding out more and more until all the secrets and mystery was unfolded.

“Everything I have to give, it’s yours. It’s always been yours,” 

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