Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Review: Something to Believe In by M.K. Oien

Something to Believe In
By: M. K. Oien
Learning how to trust in someone is difficult, giving them your already broken heart is nearly impossible.

Mackaela Stone looks the part of every normal twenty one year old girl, but she hides a lot of secrets. Running from the things that have haunted her for most of her life, a snowball effect of being forced into adulthood, nearly losing her life at the hands of her mother, and being forced to drop out of high school, she is left dejected and isolated.

She lives in a world run by her best friend Mickey Silver. Where drugs are a thriving business, violence is second nature, and watching your back comes with the territory, it has been ingrained in Mackaela to shut down all sense of feeling or ambition and just exist.

Simon Silver is your typical good looking guy with dark hair, emerald eyes and a few tattoos etched across his perfect body. He reaches out to his brother Mickey to get back on his feet after being left homeless and hopeless after a devastating loss and misunderstanding. When he meets the girl who is Mick's best friend he is automatically fascinated, little does he know that she is tougher than meets the eye and not anything like the other girls from his past. He knows there is more to her than the strong exterior she hides behind. Assuming he is a spoiled rotten “pretty boy”, Mackaela refuses to open up to Simon, let alone give him her name.

After yet another tragedy is thrust her way, Mackaela finds an unexpected comfort in Simon who is all too familiar with the pain she faces. Forming an intense bond and undeniable attraction, they discover how much they need each other. When it is difficult to find light in the darkness and you have to fight like hell to chase the ghosts that haunt you, sometimes facing your fears can be the best thing for you. You grow strong, you find yourself, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll find something to believe in.

*ARC provided by author for an honest review*

This book is definitely different from what I was expecting. It seems all books nowadays have a common theme of young girl meets boy, they fall in love and live happily ever after. And the girl is always virginally perfect and the boy is always a total ass who is converted by the love of this perfect unattainable girl.

So not what you get here.

It was nice though to read about flawed characters. I would not say they were real life relatable (unless you are involved in prostitution or the drug dealing business!) but they were definitely more likable. The journey you are taken on with Mackaela and Simon is a roller coaster of emotions. They each have had a tough childhood and are still carrying around the baggage from the horrors they both faced. But it also those tragic past that brings them closer.

I did love the relationship between Simon and Mackaela. It was not rushed and was a friends to lovers type story. Until they met, neither really had anyone that understood the extent of how deeply they were damaged. But they help each other work through the pain of their pasts, by simply being there for one another. Yes, the circumstances of how they meet and their "career" choices are a bit odd, but you honestly don't think of that when they are together.

There were times that I felt the story was dragging, I found myself skimming pages because I was losing interest due to the fact nothing was really happening. But other than the pace of the story being a bit slow, the book overall was a good read. And I think authors have been listening to our pleas for no more cliffhangers because Something to Believe In is a complete book with a great ending!!


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