Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Review: Slow No Wake by Dakota Madison

Title: Slow No Wake
Author: Dakota Madison
Release date: March 17, 2013
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age Group: New Adult/Adult
Publisher: Short on Time Books

After finding her sister in bed with her fiancĂ©, 25-year old Lexie Wilkins decides to relocate to southwest Florida to start a new life and escape relationships all together. What she doesn’t expect to find are two attractive kite surfers, who both want her.

So much for Lexie’s vow for her fresh start in Florida: a no wake zone. Having two guys in her life is sure to make waves.

Eddie is the captivating bad boy, who lives next door. Daniel is Lexie’s sweet and ruggedly handsome co-worker. The differences between the two men are just as extreme as their sport…

Who will she choose?

3 Hearts
*ARC provided by author for an honest review*

What is a girl to do when she has two guys who are making it no secret they are interested? 

Eddie is definitely the bad boy in the this triangle. He is not afraid to speak his mind or to go after what he wants. I think he was quite different than what Lexie was used to, which i believe is why she was attracted to him. And of course since I have a thing for bad boys, he was the one I fell for. 
Then you have Daniel. He is the sweet romantic. He is shy and laid back. But at the same time, I felt like he was a bit too intense. He acted like he had a claim to Lexie in the very early stages of their dating. Almost in a possessive sort of way. 

You would think with them being polar opposites,it would make the decision of who to pick easy. But Lexie seems to have a bit of a hard time making a clear decision, even once her choice is obvious. 

The story has a pretty predictable plot line. I knew from the very beginning who she was going to pick. I believe even she knew who she was going to end up with. So, that of course left me confused on her actions during several times throughout the Book. And neither guy really made a good case for themselves as they both acted like asses, treating Lexie more as a possession than a human being. 

Overall, it was just an okay read for me. There is a HEA and no cliff hanger, which was nice.

Dakota Madison has been writing since she learned to read and fell in love with books. When she's not at her computer creating spicy new romances, Dakota is traveling to exotic locales or spending time with her husband and their bloodhounds.

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