Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Blood Warrior by H.D. Gordon

Spoiler Free Review
4 Hearts out of 5
Genre: YA PNR/Fantasy

“I’ll make them.” ~Alexa
“And when you can’t?” ~Kayden

My answer came before I had a chance to really consider what I was saying.
“Then, I’ll kill them. I’ll kill them all.” ~Alexa

TOTAL BADASS! I love Alexa!!!!!

When Alexa defends her sisters honor by knocking out the school bully she expects to go home and face the wrath of her mother. Instead she gets something different and unexpected from her mother... And that something will save her and her little sister Nelly's life the very next day.

“What am I?”
My voice came out in a whisper, so I was surprised when Olivia answered.

After vampires attack her house she leaves her mother and flees in order to protect her little sister. Alexa, Nelly and Jackson, Alexa's best friend are now on the run from the vampires. Once safe Alexa starts to ask questions and discovers that she is no mere human girl. She is a WARRIOR. And the last of her race/kind. After receiving directions to The Hidden City Alexa, Nelly and Jackson discover people like themselves. Vampires, Werewolves and Warriors.

Met at the gates by warriors seeking to kill any intruders Alexa explains their sudden appearance at The Hidden City. They're granted an audience with the queen and her council and soon after are given permission to stay and attend school. Alexa is told that in order for her to attend warrior school she must fight in the arena. This does not sit well with Alexa but she agrees to it any way and wins her place and the rank of the warrior she defeated.

It does not take long for Alexa to realize that something is not right in The Hidden City. And her mothers written words echo in her mind
'Everyone has an ulterior motive.'

When you start the book you realize Alexa is different and that things are more than they seem. You learn along with her that she may very well be The One who saves the people of The Hidden City. The problem is who exactly is in need of her help and why do they believe she is going to do it.

'But these two places, within the same walls, had similarities. They both seemed to believe that they were in need of rescue, despite their extreme differences. It was obvious that the villagers needed saving, but was it possible that both peoples were slaves in different ways?'

~Alexa's internal monologue

It's clear that she is looked upon as a savior yet she struggles to understand why.

Example- check out this conversation with Alexa and the librarian, Olivia

“Did you find the answers you were looking for?” she asked.
I released a heavy breath.
“I can’t honestly say. I… I don’t know what I found.”
“Yes, I believe you do.”

I glanced around me and lowered my voice.
“You don’t… you don’t think it’s me, do you? The girl mentioned in the journal? I mean, it can’t be, right?”
“Do you think it is?”
she asked.

Dear readers,
I heard the book was good but it still caught me by surprise. I loved it, the author managed to suck me in on the very first page when I was introduced to Alexa. The story has great pacing with plenty of action. I thoroughly enjoyed the world building and the characters it brought with it. It has lots of witty banter and guys vying for Alexa's attention.
The romance was very YA and did not play a big role. However you can see the love triangle brewing with two really HOT guys; Kayden and Jackson.
Both are swoon worthy!
A character fave for me was Nelly, I want to know more about her and her gifts. I really hope she plays a bigger role in the next book.

In Blood Warrior Gordon introduces you to a unique paranormal world that will leave you wanting to know more. And I am happy that this is a series because I. NEED. MORE.

My Ratings
Characters- Lovable with the exemption of a few
Writing style- Original with good world building
Plot/Storyline- Distinctive with great plot twist
Steam Factor- PG-13
Overall- I loved it!! And I recommend it to all YA Paranormal lovers!!!

*Copy was given by author for review.

Now go forth and read. Then come tell us about it.

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