Monday, December 17, 2012

Both Sides of Opposite by Scarlet Hope

Goodreads Summary:

Part one in the Maykenna & Trevor Novella:

Maykenna Burke owns a well known gallery, she has loads of friends and more money than she can ever get around to spending. She has a great house, a sexy car, an awesome dog, she's really good at photography and although she's doesn't actually practice, she has a Law Degree. But she's still all alone in this world. No family to call her own and no one to fill the wide empty space of loneliness that surrounds her.

Orphaned at 15 and then left all alone by 17 when her brother died. She's alone and the last time she had a family surrounding her she took it all for granted.

Trevor Jackson has a great guitar, a voice like a mystic God, a loving mother back in Dove Creek Colorado, about $500 in his wallet... but nothing else. He grew up poor and 11 years later, he's still trying to catch a break.

All he has is himself, his music and the determination to build a better life for himself.

Sometimes when you look at both sides of opposite you find out how well they work when you put them together.

*This book contains adult situations*

My Thoughts:

Both sides of opposite is Scarlet Hope's debut novella.  Even though it is short, you get an entire story that is detailed and descriptive.  I was really amazed at how deep Scarlet was able to go with her character development in such a short time.

We take a trip throughout both Maykenna and Trevor's inner most thoughts by switching POVs by chapter.  (There are only 5 chapters)

Strangely, I connected to both characters even though I've never been rich beyond my wildest dreams or as poor as they come.  I connected with their attraction, chemistry and their feelings of being unworthy.  We've all been there at some point.  Speaking of chemistry--HOLY HELL there were some seriously hot scenes in this book!!!!!!

Trevor is so hard on himself because of money and sees himself as unworthy.
"Take this moment in Trevor coz stuff like this don't happen to f***ups like you."

Maykenna's inner demons have pushed her into seclusion....almost completely.  She feels like she has no ability to love again. 

The supporting character, Maykenna's BFF Tamyrn has a story in her.  I can see the author giving her some wings to fly.

My only problem with the novella was the amount of typos it had.  I was a bit overwhelmed by them, but please don't let that distract you from this awesome storyline ahead of you.

(****Talked to the author!!!!! She sent it in to be re-edited!!!!!!!****)

Scarlet's next book is a continuation of Trevor and Maykenna's story.  What will happen?  I can't wait to find out!!

**Copy provided by author for honest review**

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