Friday, December 28, 2012

Review: The Opportunist by Tarryn Fisher

Reader Beware this book will leave you screaming "OH HELL NO"
Genre- Adult Contemporary Romance
Setting- Miami, Fl., Georgia, and Texas

-'You can only give your heart away once, after that, everything else will chase your first love'. - Inner thoughts of Olivia in The Opportunist

The Opportunist will penetrate the recesses of your being. All due to CHOICES

The Opportunist is a book about choices- good ones, bad ones, small ones and big ones. Everything in our lives is built on the choices we make even the simple ones like to go left or right, to sit here or over there. Then we get the effect/conclusion these Choices bring. The effects can be joy, pain, violence, peace, salvation, destruction, love, hate all an abundance of answers to our choices. We encounter people whose lives can change from our Choices; and not all are innocent because they have choices too. In the end if you can stand by your Choices and live with them be thy great or small is up to you.

In The Opportunist Olivia runs into the love of her life Caleb Drake at a music store. She thinks to herself "this can't be" she has not seen or heard from him in 3 years. When their eyes meet and she realizes he has no idea who she is because of his amnesia from a car accident she takes advantage. Olivia pretends she does not know him. Oh but she does know him very well, Caleb Drake her ex-boyfriend from college and former love of her life. Caleb Drake is tall, sexy, rich and has a British accent. Olivia hurt Caleb in the past and he walked out of her life vowing to move on and never look back.

Now once again unbeknownst to his former self Caleb is attracted to Olivia AGAIN. And the two strike up a conversation that leads to a friendship against Olivia's better judgement of course;) He tells her about the accident and his temporary amnesia. Olivia decides that she will keep him close for as long as she can. But Leah Caleb's girlfriend from before the accident decides she will not give up on their love easily. Leah fights for her man. Who will get Caleb in the end?? And is either worth the love he gives?

My Thoughts
I loved it! I consider it a must read. But just know that this book is more of an anti romance do not expect an HEA.

The Characters
I swear Olivia had a self destruct button. Her inability to open up and let love in caused so much pain for others. She often referred to herself as cold. But she was bitter,a manipulator, calculating and sometimes just CRUEL. In my opinion she was not as cold as she would like us to think. Because a true cold person would have not felt a damn thing. Olivia felt things after doing wrong. She just chose to not allow others to see, she kept a facade.

Caleb, i loved this guy. He loved Olivia all the way to the last page. He went through so much drama with her and his love overcame the bad. His choices played a big part in the books outcome.

Cammie was hilarious she was Olivia's trusty sidekick to the very end.

Leah was a surprise. Period. I had a love hate thing with her. She too was calculating and a manipulator. When she realized amnesia Caleb was falling for another woman she was not having it. She wanted Caleb and would stop at nothing to get him. I had to admire that.

Phrase i loved the most "Priends" pretend friends. I ate that up.LOL!!

My Ratings
Characters- Lovable and Cunning
Writing Style- Witty, Solid, Leading and Potent
Plot/Storyline- Heart Stirring, Soul Stirring and Intense
Overall- This book will penetrate the recesses of your being. READER BEWARE.
Now go forth and read. Then come tell us about it!


  1. Purchased this morning, can't wait to start reading! Have heard it is very intense!

    Happy Reading (:

  2. Awesome, this is a great series! Enjoy!

  3. Oh, I happy you liked it. I'm reading second book,but it's not good as this one.