Thursday, December 27, 2012

Review The Train Of Arousal by James Lusarde

QUICK REVIEW -spoiler free
Genre: Adult Fiction -Erotic Short Story

Alllllll ABOARD!
The Train Of Arousal.

The book starts with a woman on a train looking for the one. The one male who meets her criteria in physical appearance and the one she believes she can engage in some... Word Play!

She knows how strong words can effect people and she is determined to leave her mark. For her it's all about the fantasy.
She finally spots the one and puts her plan in to motion. It does not take long for him to fall prey to her. She incites him and stimulates his senses. And in turn he stimulates back, giving her exactly what she desires.

Which leads to a tell-me-how-tell-me-where-OH-I-like-that-give-me-more fantasy as they both set the stage of pleasure while on a train ride.My Thoughts
I LOVE the concept. VERY interesting concept indeed. Two attractive people meeting on a train and begin in some fantasy style four play. If I'm being honest it makes me wanna try it. LOL! I have mixed feelings on this one. I liked it, I just didn't love it.

Dear readers,
I gave this short story 3 stars because even though it appeals to your reading taste-buds you may be left wanting more. I know I was. I need more
sensual pleasure when it comes to my erotica reads. As in, lot's of talk of licking, thrusting, grabbing, pulling, biting and sucking. This authors style seemed to be more classy or should I say elegant when it comes to erotica. And I prefer my erotica a tad on the raunchy side. However that does not mean I can't appreciate his style. It just..simply put is not set to my preferences.

I also personally need a fair amount of character interaction and less internal monologues because, well, then I'll lose focus.
At times it seemed like the monologue of the female would become a bit much on the detailed side... And I did not care for that per se(say). But then at other times it seemed very poetic when she would describe in detail her feelings towards what they are doing. Then at those times I would once again find myself enjoying the flow of her thoughts.

My Ratings
Characters- Likable
Writing Style- Good, just not my cup of tea.
Plot/Storyline- Original
Steam Factor- Medium/Moderately steamy
Overall- I liked it, I didn't love it.

Now go forth and read. Then come tell us about it!

*Review copy provided by the Author for an honest review*

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