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From Ashes by Molly McAdams Review times 3!!

Since all 3 of us had to read this book!!!!! We all had to review it! 
Check out Alexis, Becky and Ms. Reality's review of From Ashes

3 STARS out of 5
Genre: New Adult/College

They've been best friends since they were seven. He was always there for her when she needed him. In her pain and in her heartache. He never let her down. EVER. Now it's time for him to go but there is no way he is leaving her behind.

Good bye California, Hello Texas
When Cassidy Jameson moves to Texas with her best friend Tyler she has no idea what to expect. After recently graduating high school she has no plans to further her education. So for now Tyler's plan to attend college and become roommates with his cousin Gage is now her plan too. Well minus the college part.

When they arrive in Texas they unpack and then head out to a party where Gage currently is in attendance with his friends. All Cassi really knows about Gage is that he grew up on a ranch and that he is two years older than her and Tyler. She gets out of Tyler's jeep expecting to see a laso carrying cowboy and gets no such thing. No, she gets a six foot dark haired sex god.

The first night I met her, I felt her before I even saw her. It’s like I had to look up at her, and when I did . . . I swear to God the world stopped moving. ~Inner monologue of Gage

Before they are even introduced sparks are flying between Gage and Cassidy. And his southern charm has her completely drawn in. Unbeknownst to Cass the second she is off to mingle with party goers Tyler sets up position. He makes it clear to his cousin that Cassidy is his and off limits.

“I couldn’t care less if you’re friends with her. Just don’t forget that I’m the one who’s been there for her every day for the last eleven years. Not you. I still see how you’re looking at her, I’m not fucking blind, Gage.” ~Tyler

Neither Gage or Cassidy can resist the pull they feel towards each other. Yet Tyler's lies and deceit keep them apart for a year and a half until the night Tyler's pushy selfish ways send Cassi running to Gage. Literally.
After resisting one another they finally get a chance to talk and acknowledge how they feel. Weeks pass and they live in happiness untainted by Tyler... That is until an emergency sends Cassi not just back to Tyler but to California as well.

Fave Line that made me laugh out loud

“Dad, is she serious?” John shrugged.
“I argue with your mama, I sleep on the couch and she doesn’t feed me. So I don’t argue with your mama.” ~Gage and his father John

My Thoughts
Mixed... A big mixed bag of emotions right now is what I feel. First I would like to make it clear that I will be reading more from this author. This book just was not for me. I could not comprehend all the miscommunication that went on between Gage and Cassi. It has to be the worse I have ever witnessed as a reader. How could they not once talk about how the feel and where to go from there for a whole goddamn year and a half. Who freaking does that??? Apparently them...

My major issue??? -> Story lines and consistency was off for me. And here is why.
The whole six month jump was kind of out of left field. I felt that the story should have been broken into three parts because the last 27% percent felt like a whole different book. And some of the character dynamics were effected due to this sudden shift. For instance Tyler, when his story lines pick back up he seems to have a whole 360 degree turnaround. He went from not wanting Gage and Cassi together to total acceptance in what seemed like over night.
Then you have two no, sorry, three new characters introduced in the last 30% of the book. Connor, Isabella and Jesse. Each play vital roles in the story. **Sighs heavily** Okay, so one was mentioned in the beginning however the other two are kinda just thrown in the mix. And that threw off some of the consistency in my humble opinion. However I could see where the author was going with the secondary love story and yes, I will read their book...

Also there is a scene where Tyler and Cassi are talking and Gage overhears. Instead of confronting it head on by demanding answers he walks away.Huh..WTF... I felt that this was out of character for him especially when he is displayed as a alpha male with a temper whose quick to use his fist. Soooo, yeah some things felt off.

Dear readers,
I gave this book three stars because some of the story lines and character actions felt inconsistent. I thought the plot was pretty good and the steam was good too. I have seen a lot of mixed reviews for this book. If my review fails to provide insight then reading it is most likely the only way for you to know whether this is for you or not.

My Ratings
Characters- Love some, hate some
Writing Style- Fair/Passable
Storyline/Plot- Good, with some emotional turmoil and high drama
Steam Factor- High/Very Steamy
Overall- It was average. And I think I was expecting something different.

Now go forth and read. Then come tell us about it


3.5 Hearts

This book was a struggle for me. I wanted to love it as much as I loved Taking Chances (and yes I LOVED it even though it ripped my heart out, chewed it up and spit it back out!). But it just didn't happen. I think there are a couple of reasons for that and I will do my best to explain!

First, I need to get this off my please bare with me.Tyler is a total ass! Not even at the end did I feel he redeemed himself. There were so many times in this book that I wished there was a punch this character button attached! I have never wanted a character to go away as much as I did him! He was a total douchbag! How no one saw through him for what he truly was is beyond me!

Whew..ok I think I can move on now. The major issue I had with From Ashes is the complete and total lack of communication between Cassidy and Gage. I just could not wrap my mind around how two people who spent as much time together as they did and felt the way they did for one another, would never ask any questions. That the important things would never come up! This made it difficult for me to relate to them as a couple, friends, roommates or anything else!! I seriously was ready to give up reading the rest of the book after the incident at the ranch. But I love this author too much to give up so I pushed on...

I struggled with how i felt about Cassidy. in the beginning, I truly felt bad for her with all that had happened. but I also struggled to understand why she would allow herself to suffer the abuse she did when she could have gotten out of it. I understood on some level her childhood resulted in the insecurities with her feelings for Gage and how she handled their relationship. But then about 70% or so in, I was no longer confused with how I should feel about her. I flat out disliked her. What she did was totally without a shadow of a doubt selfish and stupid! So even though she may have redeemed herself in Gage's eyes, she sure as heck didn't in mine!

And Gage...oh sweet hot headed romantic lovable Gage. I was smitten with him from the beginning. He is what made the book worth it for me. I totally loved how he was with Cassi and how deeply he felt for her. Sure he had his guy moments but they were not bad enough to take away from his appeal. Especially when he finally kicked Tyler's ass! Although I think he could have done a better job of it. And maybe more often would have nice too! And the ending was perfect. Even with my dislike for Cassidy, I could not help but smile with the way things turned out. Because even after what she did I still believe she deserved to find happiness after the hell she had been through.

So I will close by saying while I didn't love this book, I did like it. and there were moments I guess I did love. I believe if you can pull through the first half or so of the book you will find it is a good read!


3.5 Hearts


My Thoughts:

What an emotional rollercoaster ride!  This book will turn you around and flip you upside down.

Cassidy’s childhood was gut-wrenching to read, I cringed on many parts just wishing like hell it never happened to her.  In learning about her past, it was easy to see why she had so many issues and insecurities.  But that does not excuse her total lack of communication with Gage!  Ugh…

I so wish the connection between Cassidy and Gage felt stronger.  We spend so much time on the book only hearing sides—but never really talking to one another.  Therefore causing a disconnect for me.  I needed a deeper connection.  Because we all know the author can do it because I loved TAKING CHANCES!!!!

There was a point in the book where I just wished everyone would go their separate ways.  They were all becoming so toxic for each other.

The bright light in this story is GAGE!  Yummy!!!!  Oh my.. What a thoughtful, loving, hot hunk of a man.  I swooned over him big time!

The on the flipside the dark gray cloud…..TYLER, the comforter, enabler who says he’s loved Cassi all his life….well he royally pissed me off.  Without getting into specifics, because I don’t want to give anything away, I became appalled at him and really wanted nothing to do with him.  Then poof…all is forgiven and everyone is one big happy family??  Hmmm… Something stinks in the kitchen and it’s not the food!

Overall, a good read, but not like Taking Chances.  I missed the character connection and development. 

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