Friday, December 21, 2012

Entangled by Nikki Jefford

3.5 STARS out of 5
Genre: YA Paranormal Romance/Fantasy

Resurrection Spell gone wrong...
Seventeen year old Graylee Perez is SHOCKED beyond belief when she awakens to find her soul trapped inside her identical twin sister Charlene's body.

For Graylee is a witch just like her mother and her sister; and they belong to a coven.
She awakes and begins her day like she does any other. She finds it weird that she was in her sister bed and in her teddy(night gown). She gets dressed goes to school and is slammed with a realization.

Everyone thinks she is Charlene.

And everyone says that Graylee is dead.

Rules have been broken in order to get Gray back and someone must pay, but who?

After being told that she was found dead in bed two months prior; Graylee races to correct the mistake of a spell that has her now switching place with Charlene every 24hours. Living life every other day and having to be Charlene is not at all what Gray desires.. For one thing Charlene is not helpful. In fact she is down right bossy. Insisting that Gray wears what she sets out for her. Then she leaves a note telling Gray to keep up appearances with her douche of a boyfriend Blake. And on top of that she gives her a list of what she can and cannot do. Including what to eat. Hmph.
Can somebody say 'OH HELL NO'

Graylee and Charlene attend a normal high school with humans but other witches and warlocks go to McKinley high as well. And one warlock in particular believes that Graylee is back from the grave. At first she does not know it but it soon becomes very clear.. Graylee is in for the fight of her life as jealousy and betrayal fuel a fight to get rid of her soul forever.
Questions arise and the answers will be shocking.

How did Gray die?

What happened to Stacie Moorehouse?

Will Gray ever admit her feelings for Raj?

And last..
Can Gray free herself and finally be Entangled from Charlene???

My Thoughts
I feel like this story had so much potential. And while it was not bad I feel as though with 50 or 60 more pages it could have been exceptional.
The Plot in my humble opinion was good, very good actually. It was the writing I had some issues with... I felt as though the characters lacked depth. And in turn I failed to connect with them.

Readers quickly see that Charlene was setup to be the more vapid and extremely self absorbed twin. But we do not get to understand her or her reasoning behind some actions. Then we have Gray she is more out going some where along the lines of a free spirit and the total opposite of Charlene. Gray's story is the main focus of the book yet I did not feel as though I got to know her either nor her reasoning behind her actions.

I never ask for more monologue driven narratives but in this case I would. In my opinion it was not needed and necessary to expand on certain story-lines between the characters.

Dear readers,
I think this book is good for teens ages 14-18 years of age. I think I personally would have judged this book totally different if I was..say, not 28yrs old. As a reader over 20 who enjoys an occasional YA read I found this book to be good with the potential to be great. However this rating and conclusion comes mainly due to the fact that I look for and desire certain things out of the books I read. This book did not fill that desire for me.
With that said,
I recommend this book to teens looking for a good YA PNR with a nice dose of action, mystery, drama and romance.

My Ratings
Characters- likable, Sneaky and down right deceitful
Writing Style- Quality was average with true potential to excel
Plot/Storyline- Good, kept me eager to find out what would happen next
Steam Factor- PG-13
Overall- I like it!! I recommend it to teens!!

Now go forth and read. Then come tell us about it!

Copy kindly provided by the publisher for an honest review via NetGalley


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