Sunday, December 9, 2012

Defying the Odds by Kele Moon

Spoiler Free Review
4 STARS out of 5
Genre: Contemporary Romance -Erotica
Book 1 in Battered Hearts series

" I didn't know there are people out there just waiting to help me out. You wouldn't believe how nice the ladies at the shelter were. They restored my faith in humanity 'cause most of 'em were just volunteering. They didn't get paid. They were there out of the kindness of their heart, and i sure wasn't gonna waste their effort by going back to Justin." - Melody in Defying the Odds

When Melody Dylan escapes the abusive clutches of her ex-husband Justin with nothing but the clothes on her back; she ends up in a small country town called Garnet. She works double shifts at the local diner just to make ends meet. On Thanksgiving night Clay Powers is eating at his local diner as he does everyday of the week. When the new waitress buys him a slice of pumpkin pie, Clay is taken aback by her kindness. Clay has no family except for his bestfriend Wyatt and Wyatt's sister Jules. Clay is a professional UFC Fighter so people don't usually provide acts of kindness for him, they do it b/cause they get paid to.

Clay wants more than a slice of pie from Melody, the two become close friends both attracted to one another. One night after a late shift at the diner Mel's truck does not start. She is alone in the parking lot but when she checks the front of the diner she notices Clay's truck is still there. When Mel and Clay get in his truck and out of the snow to warm up sparks fly. They go back to Mel's place and clothes fly. The two quickly fall for eachother but Melody feels as if she is broken after all she suffered to be able to give and receive love again. So she breaks things off with Clay a week before his big fight.

This was a short read and a goody! I loved Clay and Melody together it was like fitting together pieces of a puzzle they just fit. The steam factor was excellent. The book had its funny moments thanks to Wyatt the guy said whatever came to mind rude or not. I will continue the series i hope to get Jules story next!! Her and UFC fighter Romeo perhaps?! Well it was hinted that Jules and Romeo could be next so we shall see.

My Ratings
Characters- Lovable
Writing Style- Good
Plot/Storyline- Good
Overall- Enjoyable!

Now go forth and read. Then come tell us about it!

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