Sunday, December 9, 2012

Easy by Tammara Webber

Spoiler Free Review
5 STAR Read
Genre: New Adult/College

" Ooh, J, he's got ink, too. Just when i didn't think he could get any hotter..." Erin in Easy

3 WORDS- "Future Professional Standing"...
1 Phrase- "As a heart attack"...
And a horny boyfriend change Jacqueline's life as she knows it.

Jacqueline has just started her sophomore year in college when she finds her self being dumped by Kennedy her boyfriend of three years. Kennedy decides that this is the time of his life where he should take advantage of the campus lifestyle which includes girls, parties, girls, drinking and did i say girls. Jaqueline takes the breakup bad she is devastated she only came to this school because it's where Kennedy chose to be. After loosing friends b/cause most of them are originally Kennedy's friends and members of his fraternity Jaqueline turns into a hermit; and only comes out when pushed by bestfriend and roommate Erin.

After coming out of her breakup coma Jacqueline finds herself failing
her Economics class. A class she failed to attend since its a class she takes with Kennedy. Now after missing two weeks of her Economics class Jaqueline finds herself in Dr. Heller's office at his mercy. Dr. Heller takes pity and decides to assign her to a tutor. Due to Jaqueline's busy schedule her and the tutor Landon can only meet via email. While Flirting with the tutor via email and finding a cutie
seated in the back row of her Econ class sketching in a notepad things start to look up for her.
Especially when Lucas(cutie) tells Jaqueline he would like to sketch her. As things move forward with both Landon and Lucas, Jaqueline finds out the two suitors share more than a few things in common including their feelings for her. Of course this is when Kennedy decides that he wants Jacqueline back.

Jaqueline and Lucas are so cute together even when he pulls away unsure of the relationship. I like how Webber connected Landon and Lucas i also loved his emotional struggle to have a real relationship.
I fell out laughing at the witty banter btwn Jaqueline and her vivacious roommate Erin. Awesome job Tammara Webber i very much enjoyed this read!

My Ratings
Characters- Lovable
Writing Style- Genuine, Solid and Witty
Plot/Storyline- Excellent and at times Emotional
Overall- A YA MUST READ!!! Easy Read it!

Now go forth and read. Then tell us about it!

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