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Giveaway, Review & Tour: Shattered Promises by Jessica Sorensen

SPOILER FREE REVIEW -mature content reader discretion is advised.
3.5 Hearts out of 5
Genre: New Adult-Paranormal Romance

Can you imagine spending your life void of any emotions
no happiness,
no sadness,
no lust,
no love,
no hate... Just, nothing... Empty. Well, that's the life Gemma has led

As far back as Gemma can remember she has spent her life isolated and emotionally disconnected from the world. She has no friends and her grandparents may as well be non existent because they show her no love or affection at all.

 'Why have I never felt anything? Am I broken? Crazy? Or,  are there just some people who go through life like me—peacefully disconnected?'  

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Why do people laugh?
What makes them cry?
What allows them to love?
These are the questions I’ve asked myself for nearly the last twenty-one years. What makes people feel? I don’t understand what produces emotion and I’m supposed to be writing a paper on human emotion for my Sociology class.'  ~

When the book opens Gemma is reflecting on why she has lacked the ability to feel her whole life. She has no idea that after 21 years of having expressed no emotion..that today is the day she will feel for the first time EVER. Out of nowhere she is hit with a multitude of emotions all at once.

'I’m stunned. Shocked. Terrified. Because, for the first time in my life, I’m crying.'

Recently she has been having nightmares. Nightmares filled with monsters who want her dead. And after experiencing a plethora of emotions all at once she is suddenly trying to tame them. How does one respond to lust for the first time? How does one respond to pain? These are all things she needs to figure out but it's all put on hold when Alex strolls in to her life. She knows that she has seen him before... In her nightmares.
The first time they touch it feels like an electrical current humming through her body.

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It soon becomes clear that Gemma's life is in danger and that Alex knows why. Is he her savior or her captor? It's hard to tell since one moment he acts hot and the next he acts cold towards her.

“I don’t understand. One minute you’re being nice to me and the next you’re being a jerk.”

 “That’s because I’m conflicted,” he states, touching the scratches on his neck.
“About what?”
“About doing what I want and what’s right.”

~Gemma and Alex

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Truths are slowly made clear and who to trust quickly becomes distorted.

My Thoughts

I liked it! Sorensen created a nice magical world where fey, witches, vamps, shifters and seers all abound. The concept was very "the fate of the world depends on a girl" which is not the most unique... But she did a good job with her characters and plot twist,that alone kept the ball rolling full steam ahead.
 I must admit I was not completely sucked in until around 72% where the story line picked up. Alex brought the sexiness as well as Laylen... As a matter of fact I would have liked more Laylen!

Oh and btw, it ends with a total cliffhanger.

My Ratings
Characters- Fun and free spirited
Writing Style- Good
Plot/Storyline- Good with great twist and turns
Steam Factor- Medium/Moderately Steamy
Overall- I liked it!! Check it out!

Now go forth and read. Then come tell us about it!
**Copy kindly provided by the author for an honest review**

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The New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Jessica Sorensen, lives in the snowy mountains of Wyoming. When she's not writing, she spends her time reading and hanging out with her family.
Website username jessFallenStarFacebook page!/JessicaSorensensAdultContemporaryNovels?fref=tsGoodreads Page

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  1. This is a new author to me. Thanks for the introduction and the chance to win!

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  3. I love a good story and I love a good romantic background to the story! This looks really good!

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  5. I love Jessica Sorensen books! I can't wait to read this one! Thanks for the giveaway.

  6. i am new to Jessica Sorensen but have read many good things about her books. I would like to read this book because I like paranormal stories and your review says it has good twists and turns. I like unpredictable reads.

  7. I have not read any of Jessica Sorensen's books but enjoy being introduced to new books and authors this way. :-D