Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Review: Defect by Ryann Kerekes

4 Hearts

Goodreads Summary
Locked in the mental ward on her sixteenth birthday, Eve Sterling doesn’t think things can get any worse. 

They can. 

After failing the mindscan procedure that predicts future crime, she’s deemed a Defect and subjected to endless psychological and physical testing as the government tries to determine what’s different about her. 

The one bright spot is military guard, Will. He’s gentle with her when no one’s watching and suppresses a smile whenever she defies their challenges. Will’s lessons begin to dance dangerously close to knowledge she shouldn’t possess, like what’s beyond the fenced compound. Though it’s forbidden and Will would be killed on the spot if they’re discovered, they steal away moments together. With her very life on the line, Eve has to decide if she can trust the guard she’s falling for.

DEFECT, young adult romance takes place in the near-future.

It is a survivalist love story.

My Thoughts
I have to confess, I am not a huge fan of dystopian books. I did read the very well known Hunger Games series and really liked them. Since then, there have been a few others, but it is not a genre I dapple in often. So, when Ms. Kerekes asked me to read Defect for her, I was both excited and nervous. Looking back, I have no clue why the nervousness even came into play. I should have known I would be pulled into the story no matter what, her writing is just that good!

I knew as soon Eve was taken in for her scan, things were not going to end well for her. And dang it, I was right! It is at that moment that you will be gripped my this young MC, whose life is about to take a drastic turn for the worse. She is subjected to all sorts of tests and pumped full of so many drugs, she can't even remember what day it is. 

But then comes Will. He is being so nice to her and she has no clue why. Needless to say, Eve is unsure of how to take the extra attention he seems to be paying to her. I was even a bit suspicious of him in the beginning. Especially with the scene Eve witnesses one night between him and someone else.

But as things progress, he sees as more than just another trainee. And he makes a decision to help her in a way that could put his life at risk. He believes she is worth it though. Needless to say, by the end of the book, I was crushing on Will big time! *sighs*

This book takes on the journey of Eve's survival of something much larger then anyone could have imagined. She defies all odds put before her and proves she is stronger then even she believed possible. 

So, if you have never read dystopia before, this is the PERFECT book to start with. I believe Defect has a perfect balance without being too over the top. Not only do you get the dystopia but also YA with a PG amount of steam. As the best part?


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