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Review: Harbour Falls by S.R. Grey

SPOILER FREE REVIEW -mature content reader discretion is advised.4 STARS out of 5
Genre: Suspense/Mystery Romance
Warning: Readers should re-frame from reading this in public because it may cause you to scream in loud out bursts using words like 
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'The Harbour Falls Mystery was the real reason I was here. I had every intention of basing my next novel on the facts of the case. I was tired of fiction; I wanted to write a true crime novel. Plus there was a little part of me— the detective that lurks in all of us— that dreamed of solving this case.'

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Maddy Fitch is a Best selling mystery author living in L.A. which is a long way from her hometown of Harbour Falls, Maine. Until now all of her stories have been literary fiction... Maddy recently decided to go home in order to research the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Chelsea Hannigan. A wealthy social lite in Maine.
The facts surrounding the case are not well known. What Maddy does know is that four years ago at the time of her disappearance Chelsea was engaged to marry the mega rich and extremely sexy Adam Ward. Adam became suspect numero uno in her disappearance. Eventually the case trail went cold... Maddy plans to rectify that, hoping her research will in turn solve the case as well.
Maddy is greeted by the unwelcome home party fairly quick.. Prompting her suspicions and fueling her need to solve the case.
“Go back to California where you belong, Fitch, before you end up getting hurt. Or worse.”

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Yup, she catches heat on day one of her arrival. But, you know what they say. If you can't take the heat then get the fuck out of the kitchen.Well, let's just say Maddy can take the heat and then some...
After her arrival Maddy meets with Ami, her former best-friend from high school and current realtor/escort to her newly rented cottage. They catch the ferry from Harbour Falls to Fade Island where she will be staying. Upon arrival Ami explains how this is the off season which means the island's only occupants are far from many. But it's the name of one neighbor that has piqued Maddy's interest. Adam Ward.

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Maddy remembers Adam from high school, in fact she had a crush on him. Ami remembers this tid bit as well and is quick to point it out.
All it takes is one look. Yes, one look at Ward has Maddy wanting him more than ever in every way that counts, up close and personal. It doesn't take long for Maddy to realize that there is more to Adam than what meets the eye.. In fact it takes her less than 24hrs to draw that conclusion...
'Much like the Harbour Falls Mystery itself, the man at the center was a puzzle. And I longed to solve him, piece by piece.'
Maddy jumps head first in to research; she catches a lead and follows it but comes up just short. Or so she thinks. Meanwhile things heat up fast between her and Adam.
“Do you think I just want to fuck you, Madeleine?” I stifled a moan, and he laughed softly.
“Or is that what you’re looking for? A good, hard”— Adam rocked against my hips--“ fuck.”

'I wanted Adam in every way imaginable. I was sure he knew his words made my body ache for his touch. But it was more than that. Despite everything I was clearly falling for Adam a little more with each passing day.'

Slowly more pieces of the dark case come to light, causing Adam to look guilty.
“Wouldn’t it be poetic if you found out you were sleeping with the enemy, so to speak, in this little scenario?” ~Jennifer
She's in too deep...
'It was, but it was no longer the only reason. Yes, I was here to research the mystery so I could write my next novel. But now that I was involved with Adam, I knew adjustments would have to be made. I wouldn’t be able to just recklessly recount everything I’d discovered.' ~Inner monologue of Maddy

But he is not the only one. More people start to become suspects.

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Some say the truth shall set you free, in this case the truth may just get you killed... Soon Maddy's life is in peril when she digs too close to the truth.
Did Adam kill her or not?
“No more games, OK? There’s one thing you have yet to ask. So just get it over with, ask me.” “Are you serious?” My voice was incredulous. I hadn’t expected this. Adam’s eyes, dark as cobalt today, met mine.
 “Deadly,” he replied coolly.

This Suspenseful romance will leave you guessing til the very end as the twist and turns lead you on a treacherous path of

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And a jaw dropping conclusion.

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My ThoughtsSimply put, I loved it! If you are looking for a good suspenseful mystery with a good dose of romance than this book is for you!
My Ratings
Characters- Lovable
Writing Style- Good
Plot/Storyline- Suspenseful, Sexy and Alluring
Steam Factor- High/Very Steamy
Overall- I loved it! Read it!
Now go forth and read. Then come tell us about it!*Copy Kindly provided by the author for an honest review*

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