Sunday, March 24, 2013

Review: Beauty from Pain by Georgia Cates

5 Hearts! 

I really LOVED this book! With all the books out right now about rich, controlling, sexy men, this one is a true standout in my eyes. The more I’ve thought about it over the last week, the more I can truly say that I freaking LOVED it!

Jack McLachlan is a rich, powerful, well-known businessman and is one of Australia’s most eligible bachelors. He doesn’t do love. He doesn’t do real relationships. Work is his number one priority. So, to keep things simple for him, he enters into intimate arrangements with one woman at a time for a set amount of weeks, no strings attached, no one gets hurt. Instead of weeks this time, he’s looking for months, so his decision about who is more important than ever. The question is who’s the lucky woman? After having no luck at a local Australian bar, a beautiful American musician catches his eye at the last second. Jack is immediately intrigued by Laurelyn Prescott and is determined to make her his, at least for a few months.

“Her voice is raspy and sexy, her eyes closed. She oozes eroticism. She tilts her head and opens her eyes when she begins to sing the chorus. I swear it feels like she’s looking right in my direction, singing to me.”

“She has bewitched me. And I want her. She’s the one.”

As part of Jack’s arrangement, Laurelyn isn’t allowed to know his real name so he has her call him Lachlan. Laurelyn being the strong, stubborn woman that she is decides he doesn’t get to know hers if she can’t know his, so she becomes known as Paige to him. The point of view switches back and forth between Jack and Laurelyn, which I absolutely loved. It worked really well for the story too. It is really helpful throughout the book because we can see Laurelyn’s more vulnerable side that she tries not to show Jack. We also get to see how much Jack truly cares for her. 

“If I do this, something will go wrong and this man will hurt me. I know it as sure as I’m sitting here next to him feeling how much he makes me want to say yes.” 

The characters are absolutely phenomenal! Laurelyn is my favorite type of heroine. She is down to earth, stubborn, independent, and witty. I felt like she was really smart too, she isn’t trying to play games, but she is definitely aware that her arrangement with Jack isn’t a real relationship. I’m glad there wasn’t a lot of whining in her head and going back and forth about Jack, it would have been easy to go there, but it never did. Georgia Cates was able to build Laurelyn into a really strong character with just enough vulnerability that she is hard not to love. Plus, she was pretty hilarious at times and wasn’t afraid to tease Jack and keep him on his toes. The part where she messes with him about her age was priceless. 

Then of course there is Jack. Oh, Jack McLachlan… I really grew to love this guy! At first I liked him okay and was thinking he was just another gorgeous, rich bachelor. I thought I had him pegged as being somewhat cold and controlling, but he surprised me. Although he does have his boundaries, he has true feelings for Laurelyn and I’m not talking about on a romantic level. Just good feelings, he genuinely cares for her and cares what is going on with her. He worries about her and those parts are oh so very swoon-worthy! That was seriously refreshing! 

”This man will be hazardous for my heart if I allow it. He’ll use me up if I let him. I know this without a doubt and remind myself of a lesson well learned not so long ago. Never confuse sex for love. Right now, we’re black and white, but I vow that the second it becomes a hazy shade of cold steel gray, I will get out. No question about it.“ 

”Why would you doubt me?”
“Because I don’t know you.” 

Wow, that hurt.
“But you’re wrong. Maybe you don’t know my real name, but you know me like no one else does.” 

I completely fell for the two of them together. I enjoyed the way they interacted and I freaking loved the Aussie lingo in the book… sanger, brekkie, coldie, chickie babe, sunnies! So much awesome! :) The chemistry between the two is also off the charts hot and it had just the right amount of steaminess! As the story progresses, things happen and events lead to revelations between Jack and Laurelyn. The whole time you are wondering when or even if they will develop loving feelings and how that may change their arrangement. I enjoyed every second of their journey and them figuring it all out. 

“I don’t think you know how good you are at this.”
“What am I good at?”
“Whatever this is we’re doing.”

I no longer have any idea what we we’re doing. I only know I like it.
“I think you’re pretty good at this too. Whatever it is.”

The story does end on a bit of a cliffhanger in case you are wondering. Although I was a mess at the end, it wasn’t really because of the cliffhanger. I just felt like I was really getting attached to the characters and I was feeling everything they were. The ending was expected for me, so I was okay with the cliffy. It gives just enough to leave us with some idea of the direction the next book may take. Plus, book #2 – Beauty from Surrender comes out May 30th, that’s not too bad… I’m really excited for it though!

“I’ve known pain my whole life, but this is a new kind for me. It isn’t born of something wrong or ugly. This pain is conceived out of beauty…”


  1. Love the review! Beauty From Pain is definitely in my top 5 of 2013, possibly my #1. I was so enchanted with the progression of their relationship, and the dual POV was perfect for this story. I can't wait for Beauty From Surrender!

    1. Thanks Tessa! This is definitely a stand out this year for me too. I got so caught up in Laurelyn and Jack! Counting down the days til the next! :)