Saturday, March 16, 2013

Review: Knight & Play by Kitty French

Holy Hell Lucian Knight!!
Sexy, rich, self-made man--What's not to love..right???
Lucian Knight owns his own sexual empire complete with clubs, toys and stores all focusing on sexual satisfaction.  He is not a one woman man and believes that monogamy is not natures way.  He unfortunately learned this at a very young age and it has scarred him, but his main focus and solitude is his work and has given his life meaning.
One thing that Lucian Knight can not stand is men who cheat.  He doesn't understand why they can't be man enough to just tell their significant other they want someone else.
Sophie Black is in need of a change in her life and what better way to do that than PA to a mogul in the sex entertainment industry.  She suspects her husband is cheating, but can not face it.  But Lucian is more than a boss, she quickly learns and sets off on a journey to discover herself with Lucian helping her every step of the way. His proposition to her her lands them both in uncharted territory.
This is not your typical meet a guy romance.  Sophie is married and while his is a dog--she is and you have to be open to this while reading this book.
This is my first book from Kitty and I admit I totally wanted more.
This book is a HUGE cliffhanger and I was seriously pissed off since the next book doesn't come out until April of 2013!!
I loved Sophie's journey to self discovery and growth.  I loved how she got stronger and started to work through her issues.  I totally felt for her and wanted to maim her cheating husband!
But, she gets Lucian for a week, so its a better bargain.
Overall, very sexually charged book that left me wanting to read the rest!!!!  I want to know what happens next!

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