Thursday, March 7, 2013

Review: Keeping Never (Never Say Never #3 by C.M. Stunich

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Goodreads Summary:   Never's past might be under control, but Ty's is just starting to unravel. After receiving a phone call from his broken past, tensions run high between Never and Ty, especially with Never deciding to do something she's never done and keep her pregnancy a secret.
While visiting a skeleton in his dark, dark closet, Ty is threatened by all that he once was and all that he thought he'd overcome. With his pain about to consume him, Never is the only one who stands between Ty and relapse, who can help him control his emotions and find peace, but is she up to it? After all, with two tortured souls desperate for a healing touch, are they more of a hindrance to one another than a help?
Love, marriage, and a baby. Three things that Ty and Never saw coming. It's judgment time for both of them, time to see if the light really can overcome the dark. Here's to hoping.
My ThoughtsUntitled Poem for the Love of my F**king Life by Tyson Monroe McCabe Roses are red Violets are blue Never Ross, I heart the f**k out of you.
I knew before reading this book, that Ty's story was going to be the hardest for me. And boy was I right! I honestly do not know how he survived the things that he saw and did, especially at such a young age. It shows how much of a survivor he is. Anything he and Never face from here on out will be a cake walk compared to his past.
"You want me to give you a happy ever after or some shit? Am I right? Well, I can't do that. I can give you a happy for now because that's all there really is to life."
Ty slowly gives Never the pieces of his past. He can not stomach doing it all at once. And I honestly don't think Never could have handled it all in one dose. It was a lot to take in, even having it broken down. But she holds it together and is there for him in the way only she can be. No one else could handle Ty or his past. They are perfect for one another. 
"He makes me want to split my body open and release my soul, let it fly and not care how black it is, how tarnished." 
I both loved and hated this book. I loved getting more of Ty and Never's story. And finally being able to have a better understanding of Ty and his demons. And seeing how Never was there to support Ty in the same way he did her. 
But what I hated, was knowing it was the end. I felt like their story was ending just as it truly was beginning. But I am hoping (based on a little note from the author in the back of the book) that we may see more of them through Never's siblings books. 
Regardless if we get more Never and Ty, or if this truly the end, I loved the way things wrapped up for them. Because no two characters ever deserved a HEA more than them!!

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