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Review: Torn: Caught between the Billionaires by Julia Skyes

SPOILER FREE REVIEW -mature content reader discretion is advised.4 HEARTS out of 5Genre: Romance Erotica
“You’ve chosen to walk into the lion’s den tonight, sub. There’s no hiding here. Especially not from me.” ~Lucas 

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Shay Green has decided to give in to temptation and try out her secret erotic fantasies at a Fetish club called Tempest. But when a scene goes wrong she starts to wonder if this might be more then she can handle. Her plea's for her Dom to stop inflicting pain go unanswered. The whip goes to crack through the air again.... When a voice suddenly breaks through, interrupting the scene...
“I’m not usually one to interrupt a scene, but I believe the lady wants you to stop.”Shay nearly sobbed in relief, the sound almost drowning out Bobby’s reply: “Well, you are interrupting,” he snapped.“No! Please,” she interjected quickly. “I want to stop.” She tried to crane her head back to look at her tormentor and her savior, but her restraints prevented her from seeing them. Please, she thought desperately. Please listen to me. She forced her tone to harden. “I may be a submissive, but I do have rights.”“We’re not finished-” Began Bobby’s cruel voice.“Do you want to use your safe word, sub?” The stranger cut across him.“Safe word?” Shay asked. She had heard of those, but Bobby hadn’t discussed them with her.
Shay is released from her restraints and quickly whisked away. When She finally gets an up close and personal look at her rescuer she is genuinely pleased not only by what she sees but what she hears too.
'God, his voice was sexy: a deep rumble that sent tingles up her spine. And that accent! Yummy. He was definitely English. What American woman didn’t love a guy with an English accent?She was suddenly acutely aware of the fact that she was almost naked and in the arms of a complete stranger. A sexy stranger whose gorgeous eyes were roving up and down her body appreciatively.'

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Lucas is captivated by the gorgeous curvacious red head in his lap. After she willingly submits to him, he decides that he wants more time with her. He offers up the chance for Shay to be his sub for a weekend. And she accepts.

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The meetingBillionaire Lucas Cross is currently in Charlotte, N.C. to look at designs for his new state side headquarters. Even though he should be focused on work he can't seem to get his mind off the sub he met at Tempest. Shay will be the first woman he has had in over three years, for more than one night. 

Busy trying to gather her nerves and her paper work for her meeting, Shay starts to prep for her new client. Only to be thrown off by said clients identity. Lucas Cross aka the sexy guy she recently met at Tempest.

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It doesn't take long for the awkwardness to subside before the sexual tension sets in. Thankfully Shay's boss interrupts and the meeting carries on in a professional manner.
The weekendLucas is excited to show Shay the wonderful world of BDSM. However he is not excited when they run in to his business partner Jonathan at a sex club. Jonathan is also a Dom.
'Shay realized that her mouth was hanging open slightly as she stared at Jonathan. She snapped it closed quickly as Lucas said her name, calling her back to reality.'“Jonathan, this is Shay.”
Shay immediately picks up on a change in Lucas after Jonathan's arrival. It's subtle but a change none the less. Lucas is jealous. She quietly tucks that info away. Since he is not looking for a sub Lucas decides that after this weekend he will no longer see Shay. This decision leaves an opening for his business partner, Jonathan. His rival.

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Jonathan is an American, he has a charming southern accent and is drop dead gorgeous. Once back state side he does not hesitate to invite Shay out. She says yes! Shay soon realizes that Jonathan is not only in to BDSM but is a Dom too, just like Lucas.

While Jonathan may be fun and sexually spontaneous. Lucas is seductive and has already managed to ensnare Shay's heart.
They both want her. But only one can have her...

All this sexual fun is about to come to a head as jealousy and rivalry carry deadly effects.

My ThoughtsI enjoyed this read. I do think this is more so for smut lovers. The tone was more on the fantasy side, it had some unrealistic aspects. For instance I do not recall any mention of condoms or protection what so ever. To me that is more fantasy erotic style story telling. You know what I'm referring to right? When the characters have wild sex but never worry about the consequences. Yeah, that. Don't get it twisted, it's nothing wrong with this style of writing. I just felt it necessary to mention in the review. The story also took a very unexpected turn plot wise. It had a little suspense thrown in which was fun.

My RatingsCharacters- LikeableWriting Style- FairPlot/Storyline- GoodSteam Factor- High/Very SteamyOverall- I liked it! 
Now go forth and read. Then come tell us about it!*Copy kindly provided by the author for an honest review*

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