Sunday, March 17, 2013

Giveaway & Review: The Valentine's Arrangement by Kelsie

Sexy tattoo artist Ronnie Clark hates Valentine's Day.  She doesn’t do flowers, candy, hearts or little naked babies shooting arrows.  It has nothing to do with the fact her fiancé, while stationed in Iraq, cheated on her.  She has always hated the holiday thinking its fake and any man who really loves a woman would tell her every day and not just on one day of the year.
Ronnie is snarky, hard-shelled, rough and I absolutely loved her!  She wasn’t a bitch in my eyes.  She just told it like it was and I admired that!  I adored the eye rolls and her comebacks.  She’s beautiful and sexy, but is hardcore in this man’s world.

Then sexy SFC Kale Emerson comes in for a memorial tattoo and the lines start to get a little fuzzy when it comes to not dating a solider again.
SFC Emerson is only on leave for a short time.  He has no family and is just biding his time before he can get back to his unit overseas.  His live is his work.  He loves it and is intending on making this his life long career.
Ronnie cannot deny the attraction to Kale and has a very difficult time focusing on her job.  When sparks fly between these two, the fire is lit.

I loved how this book showed this tough girl who didn’t put up with any ones shit become vulnerable when it came to Kale.  I loved the passion these two shared.  It was hot and very sexy.
I loved the internal fight that Ronnie had with herself and dealing with her past.  She just showed her strength ten folds.

I LOVED Kale.  Hot and sexy soldier man!  YUMMY!!!!  I also loved that he was a good guy. He’s not a player or womanizer. He just has a lot of baggage himself.

Overall, I really liked this book and you will too!
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