Friday, March 8, 2013

Review: The Golden Lily (Bloodlines #2) by Richelle Mead

4.5 stars
”He wasn’t like anyone I knew. In fact, I was fairly certain there was no one in the entire world quite like Adrian Ivashkov.”
(I love this pic even though the quote is from VA & not Bloodlines, I totally see Adrian!)
The Golden Lily picks up shortly after where Bloodlines leaves off. Sydney is traveling to see the Alchemists and is commended on her great work and dedication, which she feels is slightly undeserved. She is still struggling to keep balance between her loyalty to the Alchemist way of life and the duty she feels toward them and her growing feelings toward her not so human friends. 
”…frustrating at times, but in the end, they were people I’d grown to know and care about… I’d missed that motley group the instant I left California.”
Sydney and the rest of the gang are still in Palm Springs and are continuing to stay there to keep Jill out of harms way. Dimitri, Sonya, and Adrian are also working to see if there is a link between spirit and restoring Strigoi. Even though a lot happens in this installment, there isn’t a ton of action, but there are a few interesting plot developments that were hinted at in Bloodlines. It’s really more about the development of the relationships between all of the characters though, which I really enjoyed, especially Eddie, our sweet, but intense “mini-Dimitri.”
We get lots of funny too! Sydney and her social awkwardness, and neurotic tendencies are so hilarious. She gets her first taste of dating with a guy named Brayden, who on paper is the perfect match for Sydney. Her reactions to him and dating situations were just priceless. 
“You’re wearing that?”… “This is the kind of shirt that says, ‘You’re never getting in here.’”“Well, why would he?” I demanded.…”I think it’s more like a shirt that says, ‘I’m going to have to end this date early so I can go prepare by Power Point presentation.”
But by far my favorite part was ADRIAN! Not only does he steal every scene he’s in with his personality and humor, but we get to see a vulnerable side of him too. And there just might be a glimmer of hope for his relationship with Sydney or “Sage” as he calls her. He is so freaking awesome and there are some incredibly swoony moments.
”You are the most beautiful creature I have ever seen walking this earth.”
I am really, really hoping for more Sydney and Adrian together time in Indigo Spell! I’m sure it’s going to be a rough road for these two though. Sydney is still so set on vampires being unnatural creatures from what has been ingrained in her from childhood. She has definitely come around and made progress, but I think there is a long way to go and her position as an Alchemist is only going to complicate things. Fingers crossed that they can make it work, I SO want them together! I see lots of angst, flirting, and UST coming! Can’t wait to start Indigo Spellsoon! 
“How could I judge the enemy on race? I was being reminded more and more that humans were just as capable as vampires of evil – and that vampires were capable of good. It was actions that mattered…” 

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