Friday, March 1, 2013

Review: First Drop of Crimson (Night Huntress World #1) by Jeaniene Frost

5 Stars

Watch out, Bones! Spade is heeeerrre! <3 <3

First Drop of Crimson is the first book in the Night Huntress World (NHW) series. Although it is technically a different series, these books are meant to be read in order of the publication date, meaning there is some back and forth between this series and the Night Huntress (NH) series. This is supposed to be read after NH #4. The focus is on two secondary characters from the NH series, Spade, Bones’ best friend & Denise, Cat’s best friend. Before reading this, all I knew is it was “Spade’s book,” which is what I affectionately refer to it as! :) I didn’t know (for sure at least) that Denise was the other main character in this though.

So, this book is centered around the problem of Denise being threatened and blackmailed with the lives of her family members by a demon. Denise doesn’t know what to do or who to turn to, so in trying to get in touch with Cat and/or Bones, she ends up speaking with Spade. Spade being the gentlemen that he is, offers to help Denise even though she adamantly refuses.

“A vampire private investigator?” he repeated. “You’re putting me on, right?” “I know you have vampire hit men, so why wouldn’t you have vampire private investigators, too?” she flared back. “I can’t just run an ad with Nathanial’s description on it titled ‘Have you seen this soul welsher?’”

The funny thing about this particular partnership is that Denise wants nothing to do with vampires and Spade feels the same way about humans.

“Humans. Aside from tasting delicious, they were usually more trouble than they were worth.”

Even though they both have an aversion to the others species, they have this odd chemistry. What we didn’t know in the Night Huntress series was that Spade and Denise both noticed each other immediately upon their first meetings, not necessarily in a lustful way, but more in a curious, bewildering way. As Spade and Denise spend more time together, their attraction grows.

“Denise was more than a situational fancy. She was special. When he was with her, she stirred things in him that he hadn’t felt in a century and a half, and it had started from the first moment he laid eyes on her.”

I had always loved Spade, but didn’t really have feelings for Denise one way or another from the NH series, but I REALLY LOVED them both in this book! It is told in third person, so we get to see what both Denise and Spade are thinking and feeling throughout the book. It was so awesome to see another side to Denise. In NH, she seems so sweet, innocent, and unassuming. Here, we get to see that she is a more dynamic character, she’s strong, brave, and actually really funny. And of course, SPADE! He is AMAZING! Starting this book, I never thought I would fall for him the way I did. He is such a mess of contradictions and I LOVE IT! He is a gentleman, but so intense and fierce (sometimes to the point I wanted to smack him, but hey...). Denise says it perfectly, “[Spade] was attentive and charming. Add that to his odd combination of gallantry, ruthlessness, and loyalty.” He is just a big bundle of hot, swoony, perfection! I love how him and Denise interact. They are both trying to keep the other at arms length, it was pretty entertaining and I enjoyed Spade’s dry humor SO MUCH!

“First she’d manipulated him, now she insulted him. “No.” She blinked. “No?” “I understand your confusion,” Spade said smoothly, “since it seems you don’t hear that word often, but allow me to explain.”

Even though this is primarily Spade and Denise’s book, Cat, Bones, and Mencheres make some appearances. But, who really made an impression and shined throughout was Ian. He is so effing hilarious! The perfect combination of asshole-ness and humor to make him a character I can’t help but love! It was also fun to see Denise give him shit for his crazy antics.

“You look like a Dracula porn movie reject.”

“Before you go, mate, turn on the telly. Something raunchy too. Think I'll rub off one before I go to sleep.”

The progression of the relationship between Denise and Spade was fun and interesting and there were such amazing moments that gave me chills!

“And at no time have I ever touched you where it’s been anything but real.”

It was witty, entertaining, still with the action typical of NH, and the steaminess! The perve in me was very satisfied by this one! ;) This book was just so much AWESOME! I can’t properly articulate WHY it worked for me, but it just did. I ate it up, every word. There is just something about the way I felt during this that just makes it stand out for me. I LOVED IT, the epilogue was PERFECTION and had me slightly tearing up as I read it. I feel like having read it will add so much when I get back to the NH series to read book 5 (after NHW #2). I highly, highly recommend this book!

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