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A Table for Three by Lainey Reese

Table for Three

By Lainey Reese


This book was pretty much all sex the first six chapters.

Riley always wanted to move to New York.  She got her opportunity when the bank she worked for had a job opening.  She jumped at the chance.  Her first night there, she asks the cab driver to take her to a hot New York Club.  Little did she know her life would be forever changed. 

Cade, the club owner, sees Riley sitting at a table all by herself with most of New York’s hot and heavy looking at her with lust.  Cade decides he wants her for himself.  After club sex and a night with Cade, Riley is lovin’ the feeling of him.

One thing that Cade didn’t tell her yet is that he shares---with his best friend Trevor.

Cade and Trevor have been sharing their women for a long time.  They do not have sex with each other.  They are totally focused on the woman’s needs.  When Riley wakes up in Cade’s bed with another man staring at her, she initially freaks out. But Trevor is hot…so what the hell.

Add in the mix a psycho woman that wants Cade and Trevor’s money—oh and Riley out of the picture and that is the bulk of the storyline.

I read this series out of order.  I read #2 ------ first.  I loved #2.  This one was okay. The sex scenes were hot, but there were so many of them—that I kinda got bored.  I know I can’t believe that I am writing this!  It was mostly sex and not much story to it.  Even with the psycho woman doing her thing, it was anti-climactic.  I was glad that I read it though because I did want to know how these three go together.  I just wish there was more story to it.

I give it 3.5 stars—but on here I rounded to 4—mostly because the sex scenes were so hot.  I always thought I could never have too much sex in a book—maybe I was wrong.
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