Friday, October 26, 2012

Night is Darkest (Men in Blue #1)

By:  Jayne Rylon

Smoking Hot

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WOW!!!  This book was so much more that I was expecting! 

After learning the unexpected news of her police officer brother’s death, Lacie Daughtry turns to his best friends Mason and Tyler for support.

Even though Lacie has thrown herself at Mason and Tyler, they have rebuffed her advances.  But when they are all three lost in grief and Lacie comes into danger, the men must protect her.

My Thoughts:

HOLY HELL!!!  This book was so hot it made my kindle smoke!  Not only are there some of the hottest scenes in this book; there is also a great story too!  This book has m/f; m/m; and m/m/f scenes that are very detailed.

This author is very descriptive throughout the book, including the sights and smells.  She made me feel as if I was there in vivid color.

I loved the emotions!  Oh MY!  The first few pages had me choked up.  Then throughout the entire book I could feel Mason, Tyler and Lacie’s emotions which were so strong!  LOVED IT!

Highly recommended!

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