Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bonds of Trust

By  Lynda Aicher


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Release date for book:  November 26, 2012

Copy provided by publisher for review through Netgalley.

Forty-four year old, divorce Cali Reynolds is looking for acceptance in her sexuality.  After being married for over twenty years to a man who had no interest in sex, she is ready to explore her sexuality.  She hesitantly joins the local BDSM club The Den.  She doesn’t know what she wants, but knows that she wants to feel and be touched.  After seven years of nothing, she is in desperate need.  She feels this club is her only hope.

Club owner Jake McCallister has had a rough life.  He suffered a great loss at ten years old with the death of his parents.  He uses his role as a Dom to hide away any emotional attachment.  If he doesn’t get close, then people can’t leave him.  The only friends he has are Seth and Deklan, who co-own the club with him.  Jake only has three months left of his five year contract with the club and wants to disappear again.  He is always running.  Seth and Deklan don’t want him to leave.

Upon the initial interview for The Den, Seth decides that Jake needs to do a second interview with Cali.  Seth says that he sees something in Cali and wants a second opinion.  Jake is hesitant at first, but agrees to the interview.  Upon meeting Cali, he has feelings inside of him that make him want to possess and love her.  He hasn’t ever felt this way about a sub before—ever.  These feelings scare him

Cali is a beautiful submissive to Jake and their trust and bond grow. 

I really loved the connection between the two characters.  I felt the despair, longing, love, trust and completion throughout the book.  The author did a great job with her descriptions of feelings these characters had. 

The BDSM aspect was there, but it wasn’t overplayed.  It felt real and genuine between these characters.  Every touch he gave her, I felt it too.  The BDSM scenes were hot and very descriptive. This was a romance story with BDSM scenes.  It did not focus on BDSM even though it was significant to the couple coming together.

I recommend this book to those who like a good contemporary romance with some kink; those who like to read BDSM or erotic books.


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