Sunday, October 21, 2012

Devoured by Emily Snow


By Emily Snow

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4 Stars

I devoured this book!  Ha. Okay seriously. This was a really good read.

Rushing home to Nashville to help her grandma save her home was not on Sienna Jenson’s to do list.  Finding out the new owner is none other than the rock star, Lucas Wolfe, which she spent a wild night with 2 years ago, was a huge shocker as well.

When Lucas comes up with a proposition for Sienna to save her grandmother’s home, Sienna has no choice but to do it.  Can Sienna follow all of Lucas’s rules and get her grandmother’s home back?

My Thoughts:

Even though the book was short, I got back story from the characters.  I found out the ‘why’ in most instances.  That is a huge plus for me when enjoying a book.

Lucas was hotter than hell in my mind; rock god with tattoos all over and domineering as hell!  What’s not to love?? 

I loved watching Sienna’s growth throughout the story.  I love how she found her voice and was able to use it!  I also loved how she cared so much about her grandma to do anything for her. 

My downfall with the book was the sex scenes.  I thought they could have uses some more spice.  They were just kinda there. 

I really didn’t like the ending of the book because I wanted to know why!  What happened??  It left me hanging.  But as I looked on Emily’s goodreads page, she has another book coming out that is the second in this series.  I am hoping that I will find out those answers in that book!  I will definitely be reading it!

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