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The Theory of Attraction by Delphine Dryden

The Theory of Attraction

By Delphine Dryden

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Copy given by publisher for review

This is actually three different stories and I will review each one separately.  The Theory of Attraction; A Shot in the Dark; Forbidden Fantasies

The Theory of Attraction

2 Stars
Camilla, who vows she is not a stalker, has her eyes set on Dr. Ivan Reynolds rocket scientist and neighbor.  When Ivan needs help, he calls upon Cami for help.  She is more than willing to help the good old doctor out.  Little does Cami know, the professor is hiding a secret.  Will Cami be able to handle it?

My thoughts:
This was a hard read for me.  There were, I guess you call them scientific terms, in that had me saying huh?  It was a bit of a turn off for me.  I also could not get past the whole, geek with 6 pack abs thing.  I guess my imagination wasn’t flying when I read because I couldn’t picture him.  Therefore couldn’t get that connection with him.  I found myself skimming a lot. 


A Shot in the Dark    by Christine d’Abo

5 Stars
Sizzle:  Smokin Hot
As the co-owner of a coffee shop, Paige Long works non-stop and has no time for a social life. 
As a firefighter and Dom, Carter has had his eye on Paige for a while.  Carter sees a submissive hiding in Paige and is curious.  Little does Carter know, Paige has closed herself off to the lifestyle.  Carter vows to find out why.

My thoughts:
Even though this was a very short read, the author did a great job in developing the characters.  Carter was so loving, patient and sexy as hell!  He gave Paige time to get her head together and didn’t push her.

I loved Paige.  She is so strong and stubborn, yet so vulnerable in dealing with her past issues.  I loved how she had to fix things herself and fought for it. 
The Dom/Sub scenes were so realistic that I could totally relate.  The author did an awesome job at her descriptions.

I also liked that there was a sub-story with Paige’s brother, Ian and ‘Blue Eyes.’  I believe Ian is the star of one of the books in the author’s series.
Overall—This book was the best part of this “The Theory of Attraction” Book

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Forbidden Fantasies

By Jodie Griffin
4 Stars
Married for 15 years, Jessica and Alex have a rock solid marriage, except after Jessica finds a love for reading erotic books.  How can she explain to her husband the kink she wants to try in the bedroom?  Will he run?
My Thoughts:
The author did a wonderful job expressing the ups and downs of a marriage when it comes to sex.  It was well thought out and feelings were expressed in a way that I totally understood and got it.  The author did a great job with the POVs of both the characters and I felt everything from them. The doubt, hurt, love, lust, apprehension, curiosity were all displayed so well, considering it was a very short book. This did impress me. 
Overall wonderful book for married couples who are having a hard time with getting some kink!  It was almost like therapy!



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