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Rock Chick Redemption (#3) by Kristen Ashley

Rock Chick Redemption (Rock Chick #3)

By Kristen Ashley

This is my favorite Rock Chick book so far.  I love Hank and I love the humor in this book.

Rock Chick Redemption is Hank’s story.  Oh, yes..and Roxie’s! 

Roxie is on the run from an abusive ex who won’t take no for an answer.  She has tried everything to get rid of him and now she things she has a full proof plan to do just that. 

She goes to Denver to visit her Uncle Tex. (I fully admit that I’m an idiot. It took me till chapter 2 to realize who her Uncle Tex was…..DUH!)

Anyway, away from my stupidity. 

When entering Fortnum’s, she runs into the Hot Boy Brigade and lays eye on Hank.  Roxie is trying to get away from one man and doesn’t want another, but see instant sparks with Hank. 

Quote:  “It looked like GQ was having a convention and all the best looking guys had decided to have coffee at Fortnum’s before going to seminars on how to cope with being really, unbelievably, fucking gorgeous.”

And he wastes no time showing her and everyone else his automatic interest.

Quote:  “’Fuckin’ A, Roxie.   Right On!’  Uncle Tex boomed and I stared, not knowing what in the hell he was talking about. ‘What?’ I asked.  Uncle Tex didn’t answer me, he looked to Mace and Vance and declared, ‘You boys gotta learn to move faster or all the good ones’ll be gone.’”

I loved this line.  I could just imagine the boys sitting there and listening to Tex yell!  Ahhhh…

Hank Nightingale—swoon—holy hotness of a man.  Words to describe Hank:  hunk, sweet, honest, loving, caring, hardworking, protective, hot, cop.  Just to name the ones off the top of my head!  Hank falls instantly for Roxie and knows she has trouble immediately.  He doesn’t know what trouble, just knows that she has it.  It fires up his protectiveness instantly.  He doesn’t care what it is, just knows that she is his.

We embark on a roller coaster ride of kidnapping, guns, blood, love, hate, lust, selflessness, haunted houses and sex to name a few.  It is a freaking awesome ride!!!!!  This is the third book in the series and my favorite so far.  I loved this story and clung on to it.  I laughed my ass off with Roxie’s parents.  I loved them. Their banter was freaking hilarious and had me rolling!  I also loved that all the characters are there and are building their lives.  I love learning about all them.

I can’t wait for the next one!  Bring it!
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