Friday, October 5, 2012

Slave to Love by Nikita Black

Slave to Love

By Nikita Black

This is my second read of this book.  I loved it the first, but didn’t write a review.  I wanted to write it.

Homicide Detective Mick McGraw is trying to escape his past.  He is a well-respected detective and takes his job super seriously.  He is known as the Iceman, because of the ice that flows through his veins.  Nothing gets to him.  Nothing stops him.  He is the ultimate. 

His current case, the Teddie Murders, is having him dig into a part of himself that he thought was locked away forever.  In order to catch a killer, he needs to enter a world that he doesn’t want to acknowledge again. 

Caroline Palmer is an officer in vice. She mostly works the prostitution beat and has been very successful at it.  She is super sexy and carries herself that way.  She would have to with the clothes she has to wear in front of all of these men!  Short skirts and barely there tops…hmmm what’s a man to think.  Caro has dreams of being in Homicide.  She has wanted it since she started the force.  When Mick and her commanding officers come up with a proposition, what’s a girl to do? But she has NO idea what she is in for.  She has no idea about what Mick has planned for her.

Mick and Caro become partners and are sent to infiltrate a local BDSM club to catch the killer.  Caro soon realizes that this in not Micks first time here and begins to learn lots about herself and her sexual needs.

Who’s the killer?  That is the question throughout this book.  I for one was all over the place trying to figure it out.   It is a total suspenseful romance with erotic thrown in there to.  The sex scenes are hot, but they don’t dominate the storyline.  The story is awesome and well put together.  Can you figure out who did it??

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