Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Rock Chick Renegade (Rock Chick #4)

By Kristen Ashley

First thing I want to say is I LOVE HOW KRISTEN ASHLEY’S CHARACTERS SPEAK WITH THEIR EYES!  While I’m reading, I can see it and feel it.  I love how descriptive she is and love seeing the fires in her characters eyes! Ahhhh!!!

This is Vance’s story.  Oh yeah…and Jules.

Jules.  She is a modern day renegade, hence the title.  She is a social worker at the local teen shelter and works very hard to set teens on the right path.  After the death of one of her kids, she sets out to stop drug dealers by wrapping their cars with saran wrap and throwing smoke bombs at them.  Yes, you read right.  That is how she thinks she’s helping.  It’s a good thought, but mostly just annoying them.  But what we also learn is that she is being trained by 3 ‘good guys’ well kinda.  She knows how to shoot a gun and she knows how to defend herself.  When trouble begins coming her way, she becomes the ‘Law’ and actually begins to get street credit—at least to the kids she works with.

Jules makes a stupid mistake.  She ends up shooting the tires out of a drug dealer’s car—right in front of Fortnum’s.  Oh yeah and all the Hot Bunch guys..  But Jules doesn’t realize that she caught the eye of Vance and now he has become very protective. 

We really didn’t learn much about Vance in the previous books.  I admit my initial connection wasn’t there like it was with the other guys.  But he is super-hot. Vance is a man of very few words.  We learn that he has had a very rough life.  I felt for him as a man and a little boy. 

When Jules gets in a bit over her head with catching these drug dealers, Vance is there to help her out.  She is a bit reluctant at first, but of course like all the Rock Chicks—she gives in.  

I do admit that I was waiting for the impulsive kidnapping, torcher, blood, fighting—but I didn’t get much with this story.  It seemed to be one of the mellower ones.  Jules did kick a couple of guy’s asses oh yeah and some skanks, but it wasn’t like the other books.  As I know each one is different, I get used to the way Kristen’s writing was in the previous books.  Therefore, I missed that part of it.  I also missed the other Rock Chicks.  They were in this book, but not as much as the others.

I gave it 3.5 stars, but rated it 4 because there are no half stars!  I do love reading about the Rock Chicks.

I can’t wait to read about Luke next!!!!
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