Sunday, October 7, 2012

Meet the Baumgartners (0) by Selena Kitt

Meet The Baumgartners (Baumgartners 0)

by Selena Kitt

Whoa… This book is very---very erotic.  I needed a cold shower immediately afterwards! 

Carrie is a hard working college student who has to pee badly.  Instead of walking all the way down the hall, she decides to go to the men’s bathroom which is closer and hey..its 2 am no ones in there right??

Wrong!  She finds Steve ‘Doc’ Baumgartner masturbating in one of the shower stalls in a full blown out fantasy.  Carrie can’t help herself but watch him.  She also can’t help herself in joining in her own fun while watching.  Doc has his eyes covered and cannot see Carrie.  Well, until he finishes and opens his eyes.  Oopps.  And she runs away!

This meeting causes Doc to have the serious hots for Carrie and starts a pursuit.

Little does Doc know, Carrie’s involved with her roommate Maureen-lovers actually- who has a boyfriend that she wants to marry. 

Oh what a tangled web we weave.

This book is seriously hot.  The bathroom scenes were scorching and some of the hottest I have read.  There is lots of sex.  /ff/ /fm/ /ffm/  Craziness! 

I liked where the storyline was going, but I wanted more.  This was the down fall for me.  I wanted the book to continue.  Good thing this is the first book in a huge series!
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