Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Rock Chick Rescue (Rock Chick #2)

By Kristen Ashley


                Jet!  What an awesome name!  Jet is a doer…a mover and a shaker.  She sees a problem in her life or her family; she does what she has to—to make it better.  Well, she hasn’t had much choice.  Her father left the family, but pops back in for money.  Her mother had a stroke and has lots of medical problems, which Jet is paying for.  Her sister moved to LA and really hasn’t helped Jet out.  Did she complain?  NOPE!  She’s too strong.  Too dynamic to do that.  Does she ask for help?  NOPE…too much pride and stubbornness to do that.  She has always counted on herself.  It’s the ONLY person she CAN count on. 

                Jet has two jobs to help pay the bills.  By day, she is a barista at Fortnum’s, Indy’s book store.  She is getting to know all the people there and starting to think of them as friends.  At night, she works at Smithie’s.  The local titty bar.  No she doesn’t dance.  She’s a waitress.  But that doesn’t stop the owner from trying to get her on the pole!

                Enter flaming hottie…EDDIE!  Ughh… I had a major thing for him.  I just melted at his description in the story.  I wanted to run my fingers on those abs!  Anyway..sidetracked.  Eddie is a cop.  He is honest, dependable, trustworthy and sexy!  Oh and also Lee Nightingale’s best friend.  This is how the whole connection to the Rock Chick comes in.  I love how Eddie doesn’t let Jet push him away and keeps forcing her to face her feelings for him.  Ahhhhh….

                Jet’s dad ends up getting into some really bad stuff.  This leads to Eddie and the Nightingale team to protect her.  There is blood, guns, kidnappings, theft, bikes, jealous bad asses, more hot bad asses, Indy and her entire crew from Fortnum’s.  The story is all about how these men and women protect each other from the bad guys!

                I loved this book.  I couldn’t put it down.  I loved the action and love.  I loved the possessiveness Eddie showed.  I love the hint of the other badasses that will be in the next stories.  I want to learn all of these men’s stories!  Ughh!  I can’t seem to read fast enough!

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