Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Avoiding Responsibility by K.A. Linde COVER REVEALED!

You've been waiting for it!  It's here!!!!! 
 K.A. is releasing the cover of Avoiding Responsibility! 

Lexi has finally given up her once destructive relationship and moved onto bigger and better things, namely Ramsey Bridges. But things are amiss with her new beau and she discovers things about him and his past that would make any girl turn the other way. And she's not sure his past can coincide with hers. A year after his entrance into her life, he's trying to make amends and does the one thing she never expects: invites her to a wedding...Jack's wedding. Find out what happens to Lexi as she deals with all the twists and turns that proceed from that question, throw in a few new players to shake up the mix, and don't forget all her old partners in crime.
A special thanks to K.A. for sending the cover! Visit her facebook at K.A. Facebook
Avoiding Responsibility is out December 1!
What are you thoughts??

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