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Undeniable by Madeline Sheehan


By Madeline Sheehan

Stars 3

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Quick Summary:

Five year old Eva meets twenty-three year old Deuce at Riker’s Island visiting her dad, president of the Demons Motorcycle Club.  Eva has an instant connection with Deuce.  After many chance encounters spanning many years, their connection grows.

My Thoughts:

I’ve been reading lots of hype about this book and thought I would check it out.  Hmmmm…..

This is not a traditional love story by any means.  This is a messed up, twisted relationship about two people who can’t seem to keep away from each other.

I was really taken aback with the fact that a five year old could be so descriptive about a man including commented on his eyes.  Really?  I’m thinking not.  This made it very difficult for me to get going with this book.  I kept shutting my eyes thinking, what the hell???? I also found it difficult keeping track of how old she was throughout their encounters and during some encounters I wanted to scream at Deuce!  What was he thinking!?!

The other thing I had to look past was the disrespectful language.  I am always up for a good alpha male. I thrive on reading them, but when the alpha is telling everyone to respect women; then every other word out of his mouth is b****, c*** or w*****, I tend to lose respect in him.  It was hard to get past.

Eva was easy to like.  The way she was written made me want to like her, heck even be friends with her.  I loved that she was her own person growing up, even if she was surrounded by a bunch a biker boys.  I also liked that she was a survivor.  It was also awesome to see all the biker guys fawning over her and treating her like the princess of the club; with all her ‘uncles’ taking care of her.  I also felt like she didn’t have a choice with Frankie.  She was just stuck.  My heart felt for her. 

I wanted to like Deuce and there were parts that I kinda did, but there were very few of those.  His treatment of women and Eva was repulsive.  I couldn’t feel his redeeming qualities other than the brief description of his father.  I didn’t feel him.  The passiveness of an alpha was there, but I didn’t feel the protectivess and love. 

Overall an okay story. 

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