Friday, October 5, 2012

Taking Chances by Molly McAdams

Taking Chances

By Molly McAdams

Wow…  What other word is there?  It’s the only one I could formulate.  I just went on a rollercoaster of emotions in this book:  love, hate, anger, sadness, despair, hurt, excitement….. In collecting myself after reading, I still say Wow!

Eighteen year old Harper has lived under her father’s strict Marine thumb and has grew up on the base.  She has learned to keep herself in check at all times.  She never left base and was homeschooled. The only friends she had were the Marines in her father’s unit and they came and went.  Harper needed to get out.  She grabbed her opportunity to fly across the country to California to go to college. 

Enter Bree, Harper’s flirty, fun, partying roommate who begins to show her the ropes of living without someone’s thumb pressing you down.

Bree’s hot, sexy, brother Chase.  At first sight, Harper is mesmerized by him and has serious hots for him.  Chase is a major ‘player’.  He has a different girl in his bed every night.  He’s a huge drinker and partier.

Brandon lives with Chase.  He is a hot hunk, tattooed, MMA fighter with a heart of gold.  Harper takes one look at Brandon and instantly sparks fly.

Oh, and let’s not forget Carter.  He’s a Marine and Harper’s best friend from the base.

This begins the roller coaster ride of this book and your emotions!

Harper begins dating Brandon and they are deeply in love—after only a couple of weeks.  But Chase is still in her thoughts.  She sees him all the time and he is a total jerk to her.  Except on Sundays.  Sundays are family days at Bree and Chase’s house.  Harper gets pulled into their family and wrapped around with love that she has never experienced before.  On these Sundays, Chase is warm and loving.  He never lets her leave his side.  He’s everything that she wants.  She is in love with Chase also. 

Harper’s inexperience with boys opens the door to much of this story line, will she sleep with him and who will she sleep with.  It’s that pull to find out what she is going to do.

I am going to try my best with my thoughts to keep the spoilers out, but I don’t know if that is possible with this book. 

I liked the heroine in this book.  She had lots of flaws, but was still strong.  She was very inexperienced in life, but did her best not to let it show.  She was faced with many difficult decisions and took them on head first.  She didn’t negate from her responsibilities and met them head on. 

I LOVED Brandon.  Loved him.  I thought he was perfect, loving, caring and totally devoted to Harper.  Everything about him screamed that he was totally in love with her and would do anything for her.  He fighting scared the crap out of me, but also was super-hot!

Chase, to me, was a jerk.  He thought he could do what he wanted when he wanted.  I do admit as the story went on, I did fall in love with him too.  I feel in love with his soft side, not the jerk side. He was very complex and was in need of a girl like Harper to come into his life so he could make changes in it.   

I was so angry with Harper.  So mad I wanted to jump in that book and rip her head off!  How could she??  I was crushed.  That anger for her carried throughout part of the book for me.  I had a hard time getting over it as quickly as the other people in this book. 

My biggest problem with this book had nothing to do with writing.  That was wonderful and exceptional.  It had to do with this one question… What about Chase?  To me he was lost and never quite found.

Overall, this book is a MUST READ book.  I normally do not read college romance books.  I have only read a few and I am so glad that I saw this one on Goodreads to read.  This one did not disappoint.  I had dreams about this book and couldn’t get it out of my thoughts.  I am still thinking about it. 


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