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Folding Hearts (Mitchell Family #2) by Jennifer Foor

Folding Hearts (Mitchell Family #2)

By Jennifer Foor

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Copy given by author for review

Folding Hearts begins where Letting Go (Full Review here Ms. Reality's Review of Letting Go ) left off.

Ty lost the girl, Van; he thought he was going to spend the rest of his life with. Why?? Because he cheated and she caught him.  He ended up spending 7 months in a coma to wake up and find “his girl” fell in love with his cousin Colt.

Ty is feeling very alone since this loss.  All of his friends are either dating someone or party to hard even for him.

Miranda is a single mom who wants desperately for her baby daddy to be a family with her.  Problem is---he’s an ass.

Ty and Miranda know each other because Colt is both of their cousins.  (Yeah—I know wrapping my head around that took a little bit, but technically they are not blood)  And—Ty helped deliver Miranda’s baby in book #1.

Ty goes to visit Colt and sees Miranda.  Let’s just say that Miranda’s family is not happy with anything to do with Ty because of his history with women.

But sparks ignite—we get a bit of love, hate, confusion, hurt (in more ways than one), lust and an asshole of a baby daddy.

My Thoughts:

First off after the first book, I could not stand Ty.  He was an ass and I didn’t think I would every get past it.  Well, I kinda did.  I liked how the author expressed his regret and pain he felt in coming to terms with what he did.  He knows he made his own bed in losing Van and has to deal with it. I loved the connection between Ty and Izzy (Miranda’s daughter).  I thought that it was strange in the beginning their connection and was wondering if Ty just wanted to have Izzy as his kid.  Since Miranda was his mom, well she came with the package.  But the author wrote it so it ended up being believable.  I think the scenes with Izzy and Ty helped to break away some of the ice I had around my heart for him. 

I liked how we had two points of view throughout the book.  Each chapter was designated for either Ty or Miranda.  I enjoyed feeling their feelings throughout the book. 

My biggest downfall with the book is the lack of closure between Miranda and her baby daddy.  What happened?  Was the question I kept asking myself.  It was like….poof…..gone.  Hmm….

I also tried to get how Miranda trusted Ty so much, but that was a hard one for me.  I know that Ty was flawed, but it was hard.  That’s more of a personal thing than the book I think! 

Overall a good read.  I did like this one better than the first. 


I received an email from the author and there will be 5 books total. 

Book 1 Ty-Colt-Van

Book 2 Ty-Miranda

Book 3 Colt-Van

Book 4 Ty-Miranda

Book 5 Conner

(Maybe there will be some closure after all with the baby daddy??)


  1. I hear these books are so damn good! I want to read them so bad. Thanks for the review!