Wednesday, October 17, 2012


By Megan Hart

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Can a chance meeting at a candy store help heal a person?

Elle is broken.  Growing up with two brothers, a mother who’s a bitch and a drunk for a father has put Elle on a path for emotional disaster.  “They put the fun in dysfunctional.”  She refuses to get close to anyone, man or friend.  She is alone.  She refuses to date anyone because that leads to emotional attachments which she is strongly against. 

Dan was at the store buying candy when he met Elle.  Dan is a lawyer and is enthralled with Elle and immediately asks her out.  She goes and the whirlwind of their romance begins. 

“How a glimpse of pink could render a man mindless.  We all have the same parts, us women, yet every man I’ve ever been with has looked at men as through he’s never seen a naked woman before.  There is power in our bodies that men don’t have, secret and hidden places they yearn to explore over and over.  Woman’s bodies hold the mystery of blood and life, not just pleasure.”

Elle has so much to work through in this book to get herself back.  The emotional journey is hard for her.  I felt for her every step of the way.

“I’d spend a long time hiding in my cave.  No matter how much I might want to come out into the light.  I knew it would hurt my eyes.”

Positives:  I liked in the first half of the book, it really focused on Elle and her brokenness.  I like how the author was very descriptive with language.  In the second half of the book, it really picked up.  The emotional roller coaster and we finally find out what happened to Elle to make her so broken.  The last half I just gobbled up.  Sex scenes are hot!  The threesome was outstanding!

Negatives:  I wish there was Dan’s point of view.  I would have liked to know what he was thinking and feeling.  It was all one sided. For some reason the first half of the book, didn’t live up to the last half.  I got more of the punch towards the end.  I wanted to know why she thought she was dirty!

Overall, it was a good read.  The reason why Elle is the way she is was shocking and I felt for her.  Even though I was frustrated not knowing why she was the way she was, I kept reading frantically to get to that part.  I was not disappointed.

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