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$25 GC Giveaway & Blog Tour: The Submissive by Tara Sue Me

Release Date: November 16, 2012
Genre: Romance, Erotic, BDSM
Publisher: Red Publishing
Length: 333 Pages

Abby King has a secret fantasy.

The city of New York knows Nathaniel West as CEO of his father's corporation, but Abby knows he's more. He's also a Dominant and when she hears he's looking for a new submissive, she decides it's time to do something about that fantasy.

After one weekend with Nathaniel, Abby knows she needs more. Nathaniel is equal parts stern Master and polite gentlemen. He can drive her to new heights of pleasure while at the same time nurture her novice submissive spirit.

But though he can command her body, her heart isn't as easily controlled and she finds herself drawn more and more to the man whose collar she wears. At times she feels she is making progress in thawing his cool demeanor, but then just as quickly, he once more hides behind his carefully constructed wall.

Abby believes her relationship with Nathaniel can encompass the best of both worlds, that they can be beautiful together. But Nathaniel lives by a set of rules that don't allow for negotiation and she fears he'll never see the truth of what they could be. And though he is careful with her body, he just might end up breaking her heart.

While posted online, The Submissive garnered almost three million hits. Its characters and storyline captivated an entire fandom and inspired a multitude of BDSM fiction. It has now been edited and reworked for a broader audience. The Submissive is part one of a trilogy which attracted more than 8.5 million hits online, and a journey that proves everything is better with love.

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Talk about your thought process while writing this book.
Writing The Submissive was different for me than my other books. I’m not sure if it’s because it was a new genre or because the story was so vivid. 
I typically don’t outline. When I start a story, I know the beginning and I know the end, but how to get from point A to B is something I let the characters decide. There’s a lot of freedom in that, but there’s a lot of “OMG, what if I never know what happens next?” as well. 
With The Submissive, I knew exactly what was going to happen and I felt like I had to write it down. Between having a full-time job, two kids, a husband, and writing, I knew something was bound to fall out of my head. I didn’t want it to be the plot.  Even then, however, I left the outline very open. It was something along the lines of:
                Chapter Eight: Benefit
                Chapter Nine: Warning
                Chapter Ten: Spanking
That left me enough room within the chapters to feel the freedom I liked, while making sure I kept the skeleton in place.  I knew they went to the benefit in Chapter Eight, but what happened once there, I’d let them tell me as we went.
The interesting thing is that after experiencing the minimal outline, I found I liked it. I actually started using the process for my stories going forward!


Tara Sue Me is offering a signed print copy of The Submissive to one random commenter each day of the tour – she is also offering a grand prize of a $25 Amazon Gift card to one random commenter that follows the tour. Comment on the post and fill out the rafflecopter daily to enter.

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