Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Giveaway, Review & Book Tour: Entice (Exquisite #2) by Ella Frank


5 Star Review
Goodreads Summary:

What if everything you think you want isn't what you actually need...

Dr. Shelly Monroe is a woman who doesn't shy away from going after what she wants, but lately good sex has been hard to find. Shelly's become increasingly frustrated with the men she's been dating and the men she believes are the right choice.

Joshua Daniels is certainly not even close to the right choice. In fact he is exactly the wrong choice. For one thing, he's Mason Langley's best friend and best man. Second he's too much of a risky complication for Shelly to even consider.

Then why can't she stop thinking about how delicious he looked that first night she met him at Exquisite? Why is it so imperative to keep her lusty desire for a man that doesn’t meet her preconceived mold hidden from Lena and Mason, her trusted friends? 

It seems unreasonable that being with a man completely wrong in theory could somehow feel so right. Then why is it the more she sees him the more enticing he becomes?

My Thoughts:

First off, it is very hard for me to believe that this is only Ella’s second book.  Her first book Exquisite was really good, but I have to say that Entice was even better.

I absolutely adored Shelly in the first book.  I loved her relationship with Lena and how they were together.  In Entice, my love for her grew leaps and bounds.  I loved learning what was under Shelly’s smartass mouth and amazaball qorgeous looks!  She had so many layers and I loved learning as they were peeled away!

Shelly’s choice in men stems from being hurt and used.  She vowed to never be in that position again.  So, Shelly made a nice little box.  Inside that box, she wanted a stuffy, suit wearing, well established, boring as hell man to spend the rest of her life with.  In having these qualities, she wouldn’t get hurt right?

“Corporate’s not fixing the issue. Time to hire a handyman to flush out the plumbing.”

In comes ‘the construction worker’, Joshua Daniels in his torn jeans, not to mention hotter than hell!  He has his own hurt he’s working through and as soon as he lays eyes on ‘Barbie’ he vows it ain’t gonna happen, no matter how much his buddy Mason wants it too!

Lucky for Josh, Shelly feels the same way.  Josh does not fit into her box.  Too bad that hot-sensual-fir setting spark is burring so hot they can’t seem to get away from one another.  So, what about a harmless little sex only-no strings attached-relationship?  They can do that right?

“He set me on fire by just breathing.”

I loved the buildup of their relationship.  It was in no means—BAM—I love you.  It was gradual and we as the reader get to go along the journey and watch them grow into this couple.  The journey is incredibly well written and draws you into every second of it.  It will make you smile and cry.

“Don’t make me want to keep you.’ Josh felt a huge grin spread across his face.  ‘Well then, don’t make me want to be kept.”

Along with the journey of Shelly and Josh, we get to learn—What happens to Mason & Lena!!!  We get to go to their wedding!  Yes, we already know they are engaged and the wedding is coming (so no spoiler there).  What got my tears absolutely flowing, were the vows.  **SWOON** Be ready to melt into a big ol’ pile of goo! 

We also begin to learn what makes Rachel tick!  I can’t wait for her story!!!!!

Overall, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED read by Ella!  I freaking loved this book!


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