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Review: Precise (Pulling Me Under#1) a Novelette by Rebecca Berto

SPOILER FREE REVIEW -mature content reader discretion is advised.
3 STARS out of 5
Genre: New Adult Fiction

Whoa.. This was a head trip.

Three words

One Word

This may be a quick read but DAMN it packed a punch...

“You are still that worthless little girl.” 
“Please, Mom,” I begin, but stop. I’m speaking out of turn again. Mom’s done when she tells you she’s done.
~Rochelle and Katie

Katie has had to endure a lot of pain over the years. All from her own mother. Rochelle. Rochelle blamed Katie for miscarriages she had when Katie was just a child; and she is sure to remind Katie it's all her fault every chance she gets. The verbal abuse Rochelle dishes out is harsh and down right cruel. No one is aware of it except for Katie's husband Paul. Her mother is good at keeping up appearances... If you know what I mean..

It's clear the mother has some mental health issues early on as you read. And it's doubly clear this is the true root of the abuse and anger.

Katie is in love with Paul, her high school sweetheart and is SHOCKED when she discovers she is pregnant. Katie is scared but determined to have her baby.

When Katie has baby Ella, Rochelle becomes obsessive and it scares the crap out of Katie. Especially because she knows how her mother is... She is uncomfortable with Rochelle babysitting Ella. And with good reason.

Katie and Paul tried to avoid her but it doesn't work.

'When Mom takes Ella and Dad isn’t home, I spend the day with a
twisted stomach, smiling at the world and wondering if anyone sees
the fear inside me, or if my fa├žade is a good enough act. She has to
have some love there in a twisted way. Sure it skipped me, but she
hasn’t harmed Ella yet.'
 ~Inner monologue of Katie

“How did she find us this time?” Paul says under his breath through clenched teeth.
“She’s Satan with all inherent powers.” ~Paul and Katie

Rochelle uses baby Ella as a pawn for control much to the dismay of Katie. Eventually everything comes to a head at Ella's birthday party.

My Thoughts
This novelette is a departure from my usual reads. Mental health is a clear issue that needs to be dealt with properly. Some issues that bothered me in the book was the father and his lack of involvement with keeping his wife in check/order. How could he not be aware of the fact his daughter was scared of his wife. Another issue I had was the fact they allowed Rochelle to watch Ella with out a second person around. I felt like it was child endangerment. They knew she was a loose canon. Yeah.. I just don't get that...

Yeah, I know I was pretty pissed and I needed to get it off my chest at the beginning of this review about my dislike for Rochelle. But mental health is a real issue. And should not be taken lightly.

Dear Readers
The plot for this story was not my main cup of tea, however sometimes you need to stray from the norm and check out new things. Great job to Rebecca for pulling out those intense emotions in order to write this. And I applaud her for writing about an issue most shy away from.

My Ratings
Characters- Likeable
Writing Style- Fair
Plot/Storyline- Mental health, Abuse and Pregnancy issues
Steam Factor- Low
Overall- I liked it. The plot just was not my cup of tea.

Now go forth and read. Then come tell us about it!

*Copy kindly provided by author for an honest review*

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