Saturday, February 9, 2013

Review: Keeping Secrets in Seattle by Brooke Moss

5 Hearts

Goodreads Summary
Seattle hairstylist Violet Murphy always knew the day would come when her best friend Gabe Parker would want to settle down. She’d secretly wished it would be with her, but now that he’s chosen someone else—the prim, perfect Alicia—he wants Vi to be his best man.

Healing her broken heart isn’t easy, but when Violet meets Landon Harlow, a man who isn’t fazed by her funky style and less-than-delicate attitude, she takes a step in the right direction. Until Gabe’s fiancé’s gorgeous façade begins to crack, and Violet’s disturbing past comes back to haunt her, that is. Vi now finds herself armed with a series of lies that would break Gabe’s heart—and his engagement—if he knew their truth, and a secret from their childhood that could change everything.

With the wedding looming, her relationships unraveling, and the bachelor party of the century to plan, Violet must choose between a fresh start with Landon, or confronting her painful past and risking it all for a chance at a future with Gabe.

My Thoughts
I have a confession to make....

I cheated!
I have become one of those people who looks at the back of the book to see how it is going to end! I am so ashamed. But I just could not help it! This book was causing my heart to hurt and I couldn't take it anymore. I HAD TO KNOW!! And once I did, I was able to resume reading as if I didn't sneak that peek. Wow, okay now that I have that out of the way I feel so much better. On to the book....
Have you ever seen the movie My Best Friend's Wedding? Julia Roberts flick from back in the late 90's? Well, anyway this book reminds me a little of that movie. Best friends since forever, one is now getting married, the other realizes they love their BFF as more and tries to sabotage the wedding. But this book takes that story line to a whole new level.

See here, Gabe and Violet have loved each other as more than friends since, well forever. They met on the playground in kindergarten and have been Bff's since that day.

They attempted the whole dating thing in high school but it didn't pan out. And the teenagers that they were, the reason why it didn't work was let go of too easily. There is more to it all then meets the eye but I am not going to spoil it for you. This is where I say "you are just going to have to read the book!".

Years later, Violet is still madly in love with Gabe but he suddenly turns up engaged after dating someone for only a few months. Naturally Violet is devastated and slips into a bit of depression. But with the help of her very persistent roommates (who I loved by the way!!) she is able to shake off the funk. Well a little anyway. And a night out dancing turns into the a new beginning for her.
Violet meets Landon and is immediately attracted to him. He is everything a girl could want. He is a major hottie. And as sweet as candy. i am talking opens doors for her, calls or text just to say hi and that he is thinking of her.  But best of all, he wants HER. He is perfect, right?! All Violet can think though, is he sure is no Gabe.

And Gabe...well he lets his feelings shine through with his reaction to Violet's new relationship. Just little comments here and there made me wanna shake him and say, if you love her then why are you marrying someone else?!?!?! But despite those glimpses we get of his obvious love for Violet, Gabe proceeds with the wedding  plans. Even going so far as to ask Violet to be his best man, err I mean woman.

See where my dilemma came from and why I <b><i>HAD</b></I> to look to the back before I was finished?!?! 

On the one hand, Violet has this really great guy who is perfect for her in so many ways. But then on the other hand, I kept wondering if she would sabotage things with Landon because of her feelings for Gabe. So, the question now is what decision will she make? And what are these secrets from the past that are mentioned in the summary?

You are going to have to read the book to find out the answers!! And believe me, you want to! With this book you get....

Mild heat
First love
New love

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