Thursday, February 28, 2013

Review: Belong to Me (Wicked Lovers #5 ) by Shayla Black

5 Star Read

For 12 years, Logan has felt empty and lost.  He is a well decorated Navy SEAL, who is also a Dom and club Dominion.  Logan's loss comes from the one who  got away.....his cherry.  He has loved Cherry since he was sixteen years old, but had to leave her to keep her safe; unbeknownst to her.

Tara is an FBI agent on a case close to her heart.  Her best friend was sent to a BDSM resort in hopes of catching a human trafficker and hasn't been heard from for days.  Tara is set on finding her, but to do that she has to undergo dom/sub training.  When her agent partner is not hacking the dom role, she is in need of a trainer.

Tara is Logan's Cherry and upon seeing her again, he will do anything and everything to win her love and trust back.  Tara will fight like hell to keep her heart from being broken all over again.

Oh.....did I mention that Tara is engaged.  Yeah..she is; to a man that has never ever made her feel the way Logan does with one touch.  So you can surmise what happens here!!  It is totally fun to read how it happens though!

All throughout Tara's 'training', Logan is doing his best to prepare her for what lays ahead.  Tara learns most about herself and what she really wants.

My Thoughts:

This is by far one of my favorites in the Wicked Lovers Series!

I adore Logan.  He has a heart of gold and is so protective of Tara.  His love for her was perfectly clear from the beginning.  I loved reading about how he was knocking down those walls!

Tara was totally relateable in the 'girl who got her hear broke' way.  She is unbelievably strong and courageous.  The things she does to help her friend are the showings of what a true friend is.

The scenes between these two are sizzling and very well written,  I could feel Logan's dominance and Tara's apprehension.  LOVED IT!

The adventure these two went on is what sealed the deal for this book.  It wasn't just about sex.  It was about the connection between these two people and watching it grow.

I loved the mystery of who did it.  It totally blew my mind and I loved every second of it!

Overall, highly recommended book!  Loved the characters, plot and steam of this book!

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  1. Love this series! Thanks for the review....can't wait to read it!!