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Review: Reaper's Property by Joanna Wylde

                                                      5 Star Must Read


The brothers of the Reaper’s MC are the 1%.  They play by their own rules—not societies.  They see and handle matters with an iron fist and expect—no demand—respect from all.  Club business, stays club business and no one talks about it. NO ONE. These bikers have no problem putting someone in ground for not doing things their way and teaching those to respect if they show none.  They have a different view on women and in their world, sweet butts and old ladies service them in different ways.  Which one a Reaper takes is his business, but old ladies are sacred.  They are the untouchable women who are the Property of the man who claims her.  Any woman who is a Reaper’s Property is family and to be protected by all in the club at all cost. 

After escaping an abusive marriage, Marie turns to her brother, Jeff, for help.  It turns out that unbeknownst to Marie, Jeff is working with The Reaper’s MC and gets an eye opening initial meeting with them. 

Horse.  Strong……Badass…..Sexy……Motorcycle…….Hung……. 

Horse is not your typical hero in a story.  He is a rude, demanding, controlling, rough, crass, alpha male.  He is the apidomey of the 1% rule and lives his life to the fullest.  (And hotter than sin!)

“Do you have to be so crude?’ I snapped. ‘Have you met me?’

He can have and has had…more women than can be counted, but he’s never had an old lady, not that he wants one.  There is just something about Marie that has him feeling a little whipped.  To say Horse wants her is an understatement, but Marie isn’t quite ready to give horse all he wants.

When Jeff finds himself in serious life and death situation, Marie is the only one who can save him.  How?  Be Horses house mouse of course where he can do what he wants, when he wants to her and she will love every second of it…right?  What happens if she doesn’t?  Oh..yeah…they kill her brother.  What’s a girl to do!

“I was a still-married woman held as collateral by a motorcycle club for her brother’s debt.”

To help save her brother, Marie goes on a wild ride with Horse.  It is up and it is down.  It’s full of sex, hurt, lust, blood, tears, happiness, heartache and what the true bond of brotherhood means. 

This is a wonderfully well written book by Joanna Wylde.  I was seeing this book pop up all over the place.  It was just getting noticed. Since, I love motorcycles, hot men and alpha males, I had to read it.  I am so glad that I did!  I read it twice in the course of 3 days.  Yes, I liked it that much.  Now, don’t go thinking that this is a roses and butterflies kinda book. If you are looking for that…this is not for you.  How the RMC talk about women is crass at times. It did not bother me one bit, but if you are not into that, then this will not be the book for you.  There is also lots of sexual exploitation going on, m/f; m/f/m; f/m/m/m/m/m……; and so on.  Be prepared to be hot and bothered by these scenes.  I thought these scenes were awesomely well written. 

If you are looking for an awesome story that takes you on a wild ride, this is the book for you.  I loved the twists and turns. I loved seeing Horse and Marie’s relationship develop and grow.  I also loved reading the heartache and troubles.  I also loved all the action!  This book kept me on my toes and I did not want to put it down. 

To say I am patiently waiting for the next book would be a lie.  I’d love to have Ruger’s story in my hands right now reading it!  Hell, I’d like to have the entire series in my hand reading cover to cover! 

The only issue I had with the entire book was the cover.  Its dated and did not look like Horse at all!  BUT!!!!!!!!  The cover changed!!!!  And it is super hot now!  I will do a side by side here at the bottom so you can see!!


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